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Your Well-Being and Applied Kinesiology

Good Sunday,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well.

Just about every week I have new patients present with what I call “unexplained symptoms.” Meaning, they have a set of symptoms that their medical doctor’s have no explanation for.

Some examples are headaches, thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, bloating, constipation, high cholesterol, kidney stones, overweight, etc...

The cause of these issues do not show up on x-rays, blood work, ultrasound, MRI or CT scans, or other tests. There are deep-seated, below the radar “functional imbalances” or organs and glands that are not functioning as well as they should be. The question is why? These functional imbalances or the why are hard to see by traditional testing.

For example, let’s go with overweight as that is a complaint I hear often. Patients have gone through extensive testing to find out why they cannot lose weight with no real answers. The answer may very well be there are deep-seated, unseen, toxic issues that are reducing function in the spleen, thyroid, pancreas, stomach and lymphatic system. If these unseen functional imbalances are not truly corrected, it is difficult for the body to effectively shed the stubborn weight. No matter what a person does.

Applied Kinesiology – accessing important, accurate information from the body.

I have been certified in and practicing applied kinesiology for over 20 years. The art and science of interacting with the autonomic nervous system or ANS and accessing information and answers from the body. The amazing, intelligent body has all the answers. Yet, no one is going to the source. Whatever symptoms a person has, if a doctor trained in AK asks the right questions, he or she can ascertain the answers from the body as to what is causing it.

Then, finding the correct approach to help the body detoxify, function and heal at its best.

The variable is time. The body simply needs time to make internal corrections.

If you are having unexplained symptoms or just want to correctly upgrade your internal health, being under the care of an AK doctor who can find the true cause of your symptoms or health challenges is a great idea.

Your health is your most prized possession. Pay attention to it on a daily basis. The right diet, exercise, sleep, mindset, hydration, detoxification, correct supplementation if needed, internal balance and optimization are all daily requirements. As a layperson, you may need some direction and support. My suggestion is, rather than guessing when it comes to your health,

Be under the care of a doctor with 37 years’ experience and save yourself time and money.

Please forward this to someone who may be looking for answers. Have a great week,

Yours in Optimal Health,

Dr. Karp

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