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Move your body towards wellness daily

Good Sunday and Happy Easter,


In my years of practice, I have always wanted my patients to be energetically balanced on a daily basis, and not only when they came in the office for computer-assisted acupuncture.

Balanced in the areas that can negatively impact their health and longevity.


Those being in no specific order:

Digestion and elimination,

Negative energies, radiation or EMFs from their cell phone, laptop or desk top, Stress or negative emotionsEating processed foods that the body has difficulty processing, Drinking highly processed, commercial beverages, Aging skin because the skin gets the crumbs of your nutrient intake,


I have created low-cost, color/frequency-based, energetically balancing, smart products that people can use daily to help them in the above areas.

I personally use all these on a daily basis to help my body move toward whole-body balance, coherence, and wellness. There are simply too many real-time negative stressors along with deep-seated, unseen, hereditary factors that the body has trouble keeping up, optimally.


Here is a brief description of each product.

They are ‘smart products’ so they work differently for each person using them. There are deeper explanations on the website.


The Digestion Card – works to balance the body’s energy or meridian system in regards to digestion and elimination. Place the yellow side on the skin for 15 minutes after 7:00 am. Daily.


The Global Energy Card – this has two uses. To energetically balance the body in regards to incoming negative, low-level radiation from your cell phone, laptop, and desktop computers. Place inside a phone case with a blue side facing away from the phone.On computers, with the blue side facing up. To energize processed foods. Place the blue side under the plate touching it with the blue side facing up. On an energetic level, it makes them more body-friendly.


The BOĆE™ Coaster – to energize processed beverages like bottled water, hydration, energy or sports drinks, wine and alcohol. It also makes them taste noticeably smoother and brings forth the inherent flavor profile. Rest any drink on the BOCE Coaster for 3 minutes. The longer you leave it on the better it gets. If you're charging a whole bottle of say wine, it needs 10 minutes.

This can be found at use this under all my beverages. Even under soups. It makes a noticeable difference.


The Emotional Balance Card – on a subtle, energetic level, to balance the body emotionally.

We all experience stress to some level on a daily basis.

There are also, unseen emotions that lie below the surface. Negative emotions can even be passed on hereditary. This card reaches that level. Place on the colored side of the skin for 15 minutes a day.One hour after The Digestion CardThe Skin Anti-aging program – oftentimes, as soon as patients are feeling better, they ask me, what can you do to make me look younger? I am certified in Acupuncture Skin Rejuvenation. But I saw this had limited results and was expensive. $125 a treatment and a series of 10. I made it my mission to come up with a program that was just as effective and cost way less. People need support on a daily basis, not just once a week.

The program consists of The Ultimate Skin Superfood supplement – 20 mostly organic, skin-targeting, synergistic, plant-based ingredients that target all aspects of the skin.

The Younger Looking Face Oil – 12 organic, synergistic oils that the skin loves,

The Skin Card – a color/frequency device that reaches the sub-cellular or energetic layer of the skin,

List of foods that resonate and nourish the facial skin

This program is not on the website.

If interested email me at and I will send you information. It is a 3-month program. Once people start they stay on it because their skin has never looked so good. I have many people reordering quarterly and they are very happy with the results…


These cost-effective, body-friendly, and smart products can be found on the website at in the store.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me personally at

I am passionate about these products.

They work from the deepest levels of the body (sub-cellular or quantum) to the physical.

They work to create balance, optimization, coherence, and enliven. I call it BOĆE™.


Please forward this email to people who may be interested in their health and well-being. Thank you.


Have a wonderful week,


Dr. Karp

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