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Your Amazing Body Knows

Good Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!


To all the wonderful mothers, this is your Special Day!


Oftentimes patients come to see me after they have been to a few or several traditional medical doctors or specialists. They have gone through several tests such as blood work, ultrasound, urine analysis, MRI, CT scans, etc. possibly without a definitive diagnosis or plan of care.

They show up in my wellness center confused without any answers, looking for personalized, body-friendly help for their unexplained symptoms or health challenges.


Being a chiropractic physician for 38 years, certified in acupuncture for 23 years, and applied kinesiologist for 20 years, I have come to know that the intelligent body has all the answers to its health challenges.

This innate intelligence oversees millions of chemical reactions every second of every day without us giving it a moment's attention. That intelligence that digests andassimilates the food we eat, has our heart beat about 35 million times a year, breath 22, 000 times a day, circulates your blood equal to 12,000 miles a day andrestores and regenerates the body overnight, to name a few functions.

Yes, that unmatched intelligence or supercomputer we have all been gifted with.


I utilize the body’s innate intelligence in two ways) To access the underlying cause(s) of a person’s unexplained symptoms or health challenges,2) To help the body attain a deep level of balance, optimization, coherence, and enlivened state on a daily basis.

Let me share about each of these.


To access the underlying cause(s): When a person presents with a certain set of symptoms, there has to be a cause. The symptom(s) are the effect. Something is causing the body to malfunction and as a result, there are (unexplained) symptoms or health challenges. These underlying causes may very well not show up on a blood test, ultrasound, or MRI. It may be below that. These below-the-radar causes may be what’s causing the positive blood test results and symptoms.

There may be functional imbalances in one or several organs that are causing the symptoms. There may be unseen, deep-seated chemical, heavy metal, or immune disturbances that are at the root cause. The intelligent body knows. Whatever the unseen, below-the-radar toxins there are, the body knows exactly what they are and where they are. The key is to access this vital information from the body.

How do we do that? By talking the body’s language. I call that Bio-Energetics.The body is energy and it communicates energetically.

Dr. Joe Dispenza in his groundbreaking book Becoming Supernatural says that the atom is 99.999999999999% empty space or energy. So if every atom is that, and atoms make up the body, what does that say about the body? We are energy beings. Communicating directly with the body at this level is key to gathering information about the body.


Now that we are able to access and gather important information about the body, what do we do with that?


Help the body attain a deep level of balance, optimization, coherence, and enlivened state on a daily basis: Why? Because in this naturally occurring, illuminated state, the body is best able to detoxify, heal, and regenerate itself. The body knows what to do. However because of a toxic overload of current, chronic, and even hereditary stressors, it

cannot perform its functions optimally, and over time, unexplained symptoms and health challenges appear. The many approaches we see online, such as taking this supplement, eating these foods, doing this exercise, doing this meditation, all to get the body to function better. That may be all well and good and of course, have some value. Yet in my 38 years of experience, the key is to get all the organs, glands, and systems in deep balance, coherence, and optimization. The heart, kidneys, stomach, thyroid gland, hypothalamus gland, pancreas, and systems are all on the exact same page functioning in perfect harmony. Like a world-class orchestra playing magnificently in perfect harmony, balance and coherence. That is how we want our body to function on a daily basis.And then let the amazing, intelligent body make the internal changes and corrections. Who better?

The innate intelligence is the conductor and all the cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems are the musicians and instruments.I have spent my career doing just that.


The comment I hear most often on a daily basis in my wellness center after I explain what is going on with a new patient is,“That Makes Sense.”Accessing the root cause(s) from the body is the first part of the wellness equation.Figuring out how to attain that deep state of balance, optimization, coherence and enlivened on a daily basis is the nest step.

I will share that with you on my next email.For now know that along with applied kinesiology, we use computer technology such as:The Acugraoh – computer testing of the 12 main acupuncture meridians,The ZYTO – energetic testing of all the organs and glands. The software recommends whole food supplements to balance the body.Science Based Nutrition – computerized testing of a comprehensive blood panel. Again, the software recommends whole foodsupplements to balance and optimize the whole body.


The fact is, the amazing, intelligent body is the best and ultimate healer.We want to honor and optimize that gift.


I will more next week.Any questions or comments please feel free to email me at drkarp@drkarp.comPlease feel free to forward this email to people who value their most precious possession, their health.You can learn more at


Yours in Optimal Health,


Dr. Karp

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