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Symptoms - The Amazing Body Knows

Good Sunday,

I hope this email finds you and your loved one’s well.

This week I had a ‘new patient’ come in who hasn’t seen me since

the Cypress Creek Rd days. It’s been several years.

After our fascinating first visit I asked her if I can share what I saw

to help educate people how amazingly intelligent the body is.

She said yes.

She came in with the following symptoms that were not responding to

traditional medical care and her own efforts.

▪ Fatigue

▪ Weight gain

▪ Achey

▪ Brain fog

After we ran the ZYTO computerized testing to see how all her organs and glands

are functioning on an energetic level, I did an Applied Kinesiology or AK evaluation. Upon energetic, AK testing, the body itself gives bio-feedback responses of how it is functioning. Who better? The intention of AK is to access important, functional information from the body not readily accessible by conventional testing like blood work or imaging.

The body’s focus is on the priority issues. When you take care of the priority issues, the other smaller issues clear on their own.

These were the priority issues:

▪ Lymphatic system – the body’s innate detoxification system, more specifically, the spleen, liver and thyroid gland have trouble detoxifying themselves.

▪ Spleen – related to digestion, lymphatic system, blood and immune system. The spleen is affecting the following areas:

▪ Hypothalamus gland – the master gland of the body. Oversees all glandular functions. Lungs

▪ Thyroid gland – metabolism and energy

▪ Going a little deeper, the thyroid gland is affecting the:

▪ Adrenal glands – hormones and energy

▪ Kidneys – detoxification

▪ Stomach – digestion

How does this relate to her presenting symptoms?

▪ Fatigue – thyroid and adrenal glands

▪ Weight gain – thyroid, adrenals, kidneys

▪ Achey – kidneys, adrenals

▪ Brain fog – hypothalamus gland, adrenal glands

In the body, everything is related or connected to everything. We want to address these below the radar, unseen, functional imbalances, correctly.

When we do, and given time for the body to make its own corrections, true healing and wellness awaits. The body does not have a watch and doesn’t work on ‘Amazon’ time. It works and heals at its own pace. The intention then, is to deeply balance, optimize, create coherence and enliven (BOĆE™) ALL the areas above. In this unique and optimal environment, the body can now begin to function correctly and heal itself on a daily basis.

How do we balance, optimize, create coherence and enliven all the above.

This is where the ZYTO testing come in.

The ZYTO computer testing recommends the whole food supplements that address all the above.

I test each supplement and the dosage to see what is truly needed by the body.

When done, every organ and gland has an energetic score of 10 out of 10.

And, is in optimal communication with each other.

In this unique BOCE state, the body’s function and healing ability is truly optimized. That, along with some lifestyle enhancements like when to eat, what foods to avoid, what % of protein, fats and carbs for her and we are on our way.

It is a dynamic process, not static. We tweak as we go.

She gets retested on the ZYTO in 3 months and we address the next “layer.”

The body heals in layers and we follow the lead of the amazing, intelligent body.

She will need about 4 rounds and ZYTO testing and follow up, correct, personalized supplements to get truly well. And her presenting symptoms will reduce as fast as possible.

True optimal functional wellness and healing takes time.

I will keep you posted as to her progress.

Some people, may need computerized blood work.

Meaning, some people need more blood work based nutritional support.

It all depends on the level of functional imbalances in the body.

Everyone is unique and different.

Any questions please feel free to email me at

Please forward this email to people who may be looking for real answers

or who just want to take their Health to the optimal level.

The key is to take a personalized, pro-active, body-friendly and whole-body approach.Your health is that important.

Thank you and have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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