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Two Success Stories - One Thing in Common

Good Sunday,

I would like to share about two patients successes that highlight this form of body-directed, whole-body health care.

Below is a link to a Facebook ad from my colleague Dr. Pompa talking about mercury toxicity, and how it doesn’t show up on conventional testing. How this was the root cause to his sickness.

I share this today…

A 93 year old male came to me having been in and out of the hospital for several months. Extensive testing revealed some kind of a blood disorder with no definitive diagnosis. This gentleman had several symptoms that were affecting his life.

He has done 4 ZYTO scans over the past 12 months.

Each time placing him on specific, computer chosen, whole-food supplements for 3 months at a time. Each time I test and fine tune the supplements and dosage to his needs.

I just spoke with him yesterday and his exact comment was “I feel ageless.” When I asked him what he meant, he said I just feel great, timeless. Has not been in the hospital since we began working together – 1 year ago.

He has followed the plan to a T. Getting tested every 3 months with the ZYTO technology. Taking his supplements daily and using the digestion card and BOCE coaster. Avoiding the negative foods noted and eating as clean as possible.

We have supplied his body with the exact, correct nutritional support to

deeply balance and optimize detoxification and organ/gland/system function. As a result he has gotten his life back. When traditional medicine was focused on extensive testing and medications.

A 52 year old female was suffering with severe hot flashes for many years. She has been to many doctors with little to no results.

Her body was calling for the computerized blood work.

Where she has a comprehensive blood test at a local Lab Corp.

A computer in Dayton, Ohio reads the results and recommends the nutritional supplements to balance her blood work

and her body. I go through the extensive report and fine tune the supplements if needed. She has been on the computer chosen, whole-food supplements for 2 months.

I just saw her today and she joyfully said “No Hot Flashes!”

After years of severe hot flashes. The supplements give her body the raw, correct nutrition it needs to manufacture and balance its own hormones. Rather than taking HRT. The body is manufacturing its OWN hormones in the exact correct amounts.

That equals no hot flashes.

The intelligent body knows exactly what is going on internally.

The brain and nervous system oversees 100,000’s of chemical reactions each second. Using computer technology along with advanced applied kinesiology testing ( autonomic nervous system bio- feedback)

we can see what is going on with the body and address these issues in a body-friendly and effective manner. The intention always is to deeply balance the whole body and let the body make its own corrections.

Who better? Some people take a year or more. Some people 2 months. Although there is more work to be done.

Please forward this to someone who is looking to get well.

If you’re not an active patient, consider getting under care.

Your body will appreciate it.

Yours in Optimal Health,

Dr. Karp

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