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Auto-Immune Disease Or Is It Something Else

Good Sunday,

I recently had a new patient with a moderate to severe skin condition for 10 years.

The last 2 years more severe than moderate.

She has been to numerous dermatologists and other doctors trying to resolve it. Or at least get some relief with little success.

It has been diagnosed as a named auto-immune condition. Meaning, that the body’s immune system is attacking its skin causing this chronic condition.


The same intelligent body that creates and oversees 100,000 chemical reactions each second.

The same body that breaths 22,000 times a day, digests foods and liquids, and eliminates wastes.Circulates 6 quarts of blood throughout the body three times every minute.Creates 330 billion new cells every single day. The same body that manufactures many hormones in the exact amounts, detoxifies incoming toxins from the environment. Creates a heartbeat about 100,000 times a day and 35,000,000 times a year.


Oh, that immensely intelligent body that generously serves us daily just needing air, water, and food.


Maybe, there is a deep-seated, unseen, long-standing, and health-depleting toxin (chemical, heavy metal, immune issue)that is “causing” her persistent and very frustrating symptoms. There has to be something that is causing her symptoms.

Cause and effect or on a quantum (sub-atomic) level, causing an effect.


Maybe the creams, medications, potions, and lotions she has been prescribed aren’t “reaching” the underlying cause. It may be slightly quieting the auto-immune symptoms. Not touching what is going on - the real threats to her body and health.


She has been under care for 1 month now and has about a 10 - 20% reduction in symptoms. How? We are reaching and targeting the root cause of her symptoms with computer-recommended, whole-food supplements, and, simultaneously, enhancing the function of all her glands, organs, and systems.

In addition, avoiding certain foods that react with the once unseen, underlying issues.

You see it takes time for the body to get truly well. She has had the symptoms for 10 years. The underlying cause for way longer.

The intelligent body heals in layers. One layer at a time. We follow the body’s lead and place it in a unique, balanced, and coherent state, daily. Then, the intelligent body heals itself. Who better?


Of course, she has The Global Energy Card in her cell phone case to energetically balance her each time she holds her phone. Not even talking or texting. If we intend to nutritionally, functionally, and energetically balance and optimize her whole body daily, and just holding the (radiation-creating) cell phone throws her (way) out of balance, that needs to be addressed, effectively. The body dislikes radiation equally or more than alcohol. If you do not have The Global Energy Card, maybe it's time. In the store. It’s still on sale.


I am confident that she will do very well with care. She is committed and will follow through knowing what the alternatives are. And yes, it will take time to address and clear a 10-year-old issue. Not only will her symptoms dissipate, but her wonderful, intelligent body will be functioning on a whole new level. A Win Win.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Please pass this email on to anyone looking for answers or just wants to attain a higher level of whole-body wellness.


Have a great week,


Dr. Karp

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