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Constipation - A Common Symptom

Good Sunday,I hope this email finds you well.


I talk about symptoms a lot. How symptoms are your body’s way of telling you or communicating that something is not working internally. The medical profession, as great as they are, focuses on quieting or suppressing symptoms often with medications. Whereas with functional wellness care, the focus is to find out what is “causing” the symptoms and address that in an effective and body-friendly fashion.While simultaneously enhancing whole-body function. Then the amazing, intelligent body will begin to function the way it should and symptoms quietly abate.  

I would like to share about a female patient in her mid-forties who has suffered with chronic, severe constipation. She has tried every treatment under the sun with no success. She hasn’t had any urge or sense that she needed to defecate in decades. She has relied on pills and potions to move her bowels. Can you even imagine how that can be?


I addressed her the same way I do most patients.

The amazing, intelligent body knows exactly what is going in internally.

The body houses the best computer software ever assembled.

Through applied kinesiology testing (energetic bio-feedback), we can tap into this intelligence and get vitally important answers from the body.  Answers right from the source.

Very often, constipation is a spleen issue. Most people think it is a bowel or large intestine issue. Yes, that is where the symptom is. But the real cause is further upstream in the spleen. There is usually a deep-seated, below-the-radar toxin issue in the spleen that is causing it to not function properly. The spleen has two major functions, digestion and the lymphatic system. It is also related to blood and the immune system.

The spleen is the body’s ‘food processor’ and if that is not working right, it can create a host of “unexplained symptoms,” like chronic, severe constipation. Other symptoms the spleen can cause are vertigo, high cholesterol, heart fibrillation,

bloating, inability to lose weight, heartburn, etc.


The body heals in layers.

There are simply too many functional imbalances for the body to deal with at once. So we follow the body’s lead and clear one full layer at a time, pretty much permanently. This lovely woman had 8 layers of functional imbalances to clear – all related to the spleen.

There were thyroid, gallbladder, small intestine, lymphatic system, bladder, circulation, stomach, large intestine, pituitary gland – related to digestion, and pancreas functional imbalances that needed to be addressed for a full, whole body recovery.


It took 8 ZYTO scans along with follow-up supplements for 2-3 months for us to get thru all this. She was totally committed because she tried everything else with no help. She’s a very intelligent and successful woman and this made total sense to her. We dug our heels in and she did the work, ZYTO scan after ZYTO scan. Each visit she came in enthusiastic about clearing the next layer. She is now having normal, daily bowel movements WITHOUT any prescription or natural pills and potions at all. She gets the clear ‘message’ from her bowel to her brain that she needs to use the restroom. She is so happy…


The chronic, severe constipation was a “symptom” of a much deeper, complex series of functional imbalances in the body. These had deep, hereditary origins that needed to be addressed correctly in the right, sequential fashion. With the help of ZYTO technology and applied kinesiology testing, we were able to successfully navigate the process of getting her symptom-free. And equally important, getting her whole body optimally well and healthy.


Do you think she will be coming in for periodic wellness/maintenance care to keep her body functioning optimally?  


If you have any questions please feel free to email me here.

Please pass this email along to someone who may be looking for answers. Or just want to take care of their most important asset – their health.


Have a great week,

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