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Your All-Important Lymphatic System

Good Sunday,

Just want to let you know I will be seeing patients in person in my Hollywood office again! Time for some hands-on care. The address is 2419 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, Florida 33020.

Just call Gaby if you would like to see me. 954-771-5600.

I will be combining the Acugraph - computerized acupuncture testing, acupuncture, applied kinesiology to find the organ/gland priorities and root cause(s) of your symptoms, the ZYTO computerized nutritional and food testing along with music, sound, and vibrational therapies. If needed, the computerized blood testing where a computer reads your blood test results and recommends whole food supplements to detoxify and balance your whole body. All of course with the intention of deeply balancing, optimizing, creating deep coherence, and enlivening your body so it functions and heals at its very best. Your amazing body is a functional masterpiece and the best healer. The best doctors create the optimal internal environment for the amazing body to detoxify and heal itself on a daily basis.

Your Amazing Lymphatic System: Part 1 When I evaluate people, very often, there is lymphatic system involvement. Meaning, the lymphatic system is not functioning optimally and actually may be contributing to one’s symptoms.

The lymphatic system is the body’s innate detoxification system or ‘sewer system’ of the body. It is what cleans the blood, cells, tissues, glands, and organs. It is the garbage system of the body. You can imagine how important this is.

There are lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, lymph fluid, and lymph organs. The lymphatic system runs right alongside the cardiovascular system. It clears and cleanses the body and all the organs. Helps to maintain the homeostatic pressure of the body. Exercise and working out help to move the lymph fluid. Yet, if you overdo it, it may put excess stress on the lymphatic system. The key is balance, as always.

The bone marrow and the thymus are key lymphatic organs.

They create the T cells and the B cells – part of your immune system. The spleen - many of you have heard me mention the spleen. All the blood circulates through the spleen. The spleen and bone marrow make blood. It is a major lymphatic organ.

Lymphatic drainage if impaired, may contribute to hypercholesterolemia

Or too much cholesterol in the blood. The same with triglycerides.

Importantly, the spleen and lymphatic system can often be the source of why people have high cholesterol and triglycerides. Nobody is asking the question: why is my cholesterol and/or triglycerides high? The answer can and often does involve the spleen and lymphatic system. You want to optimize and upregulate your spleen lymphatic system. Now, that does not mean go get a weekly lymphatic massage or jumping on a trampoline for an hour every day. By doing this, you may be overstressing your spleen and/or lymphatic system. You want to make sure the lymphatic system is working optimally internally – by itself. Without external force or input. Because if the spleen which controls and oversees the lymphatic system is not functioning well, it cannot process the external input and could become even more stressed. Not a good idea.

For example, the spleen and lymphatic system is what clears and detoxifies the breasts. If the spleen is challenged due to some deep-seated, unseen issues and is impairing the clearing and detoxifying of the breasts over a period of years, that can cause “unexplained symptoms” in the breasts. And that goes for any organ and gland in the body. I see this often with the thyroid gland. The lymphatic system is of priority importance. It runs through and detoxifies the whole body.

The glymphatic system – is the lymphatic system in your brain.

We have these glial cells in the brain that help detoxify the cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

The glymphatic system is what detoxifies the brain. It works overnight. That is why having a light, early, healthy dinner is important. So your body is not focused on digestion and your glymphatic system can do its job and detoxify your brain overnight. Make sense? The body detoxifies best when you are sleeping.

I will share more with you next week about your all-important lymphatic system. It is a very intricate and important system of the body. It detoxifies your whole body. What could be more important than that in these times? By correctly balancing your body on a daily basis, this is a very good way to move your lymphatic system toward optimal function. Any and all therapies I do in the wellness center and your home care are with the intention of balancing and optimizing all the glands, organs, and systems of the body. And that includes the lymphatic system. I tell people, do not wait until you are sick to come in. It is much easier and cost-effective to keep you well than to get you well.

Hope to see you in Hollywood. Have a great week. Gratefully,

Dr. Karp

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