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Working Together Virtually and It's a Healing Journey

Good Sunday,


Yesterday I sent an email about the ability of us working together virtually.Wherever you are we can work together to get your body functioning better over time.

As that happens, chronic, unexplained symptoms reduce as the body gets well.There is a nice discount on the ZYTO cradle so that can take the cost out of the picture.And a 30% discount on our first virtual visit.All great reasons for you to get your all-important body and health moving towardoptimal wellness and away from dis-ease.My notes on the Auto-Immune Summit


Traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms withmedications and if needed surgery.Holistic, functional wellness care focuses on the whole person.Finding the root cause(s) of one’s symptoms and working toclear that along with getting the body to function better over time.A totally different approach.There is an ‘upstream trigger’ to your health concerns.

Meaning, symptoms are the last thing to show up.The underlying cause(s) have been there for days, weeks, months,years and even decades. You want to address and correct the trueunderlying cause to your persistent symptoms. That is the truehealth challenge.A simple example being:Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, IBS, acid reflux, food sensitivities,weight gain, etc. You can treat these symptoms with OTC or prescription meds.Yet, what is causing these persistent symptoms still lingers in the body and is not known.It is like an constant unsolved puzzle. And the meds may even make the underlying issues worse.


A common cause for these above symptoms may be:Deep-seated and unseen toxins interfering with the function of the following organs and glands:

Spleen, stomach, gallbladder, large intestine, circulation, thyroid gland, small intestine, etc.You want to be detoxifying the toxins correctly while simultaneously enhancing the functionof all these organs and glands. That is true, precision, regenerative health care.That is what holistic and functional wellness is all about.


We all have a healing journey. I certainly have had mine.

Without this holistic and functional approach, it would have been much more difficult.By being tested on the ZYTO regularly to unwind the chronic and hereditary issues(both parents had cancer in their 40’s), eating a plant based,  nutrient-dense diet,cutting out dairy, sugar, wheat (gluten), sleep from 10:00 pm – 6:00 am, meditating dailyto detoxify old, negative emotions and energy, and having a positive mindset.It takes daily work, yet well worth it. This is how I am able to effectively work with patients dailyand have an active lifestyle. My why is having a vital health span well into my 90’s.That may not happen eating the typical American fast food diet along with high stress, etc.


Combining computer technology such as the ZYTO and/or computerizedblood testing and/or computerized acupuncture testing www.Acugraph.comalong with advanced applied kinesiology - accessing important, unheard, root cause, bio-feedback information from the body,is a great way to address your health in a precision, personalized, objective, non-toxic and body-friendly way.We gather important information about your body and address it in a precision, personalized, real-time fashion.The body heals in layers and following those layers is important.Creating daily balance, optimization, coherence and enliven (BOĆE™) the body moves the body toward wellness daily.


Like I tell my three adult kids, everything is a choice.They finally see the light and are under my regular care.After having health challenges and being under traditional medical care with little positive results.We addressed the real underlying issues and they are doing great.One possibly had long covid after having covid four times and was losing so much hair and had chronic fatigue.Covid tests were negative. She had positive auto-immune tests and the MD’s were ready to place her on powerful meds.She finally came to me and said, dad, I need your help. That day we started care.

She had computerized blood and recommended supplements three times and then the ZYTO nutritional testing twice.She has a full head of hair and is feeling amazing. It took us over a year to get here. Well worth it…That is the power of this work.


If you have any questions please feel free to email back.If you would like to work together virtually just call the wellness center at 954-771-5600.Please forward this email to someone who may benefit.


Have a great week,


Dr. Karp

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