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Weight Loss - getting to the root causes

Good Sunday,

One of the more common complaints I hear about in the office and working with patients virtually is the inability to lose weight. Almost daily, patients tell me they have 5, 10, 20, or more pounds that no matter what they do, cannot lose. Extreme dieting, countless hours of exercise, no carbs, keto, carnivore, and just about anything else you can think of with little to no results. Even eating just 500 calories a day and still nothing. How is that possible?


The inability to lose weight is a “symptom” of unseen, deeper, internal toxic overload and its associated organ and gland functional imbalances. Just like any other symptom like migraine headaches, hot flashes, asthma, high blood pressure, auto-immune issues, heart palpitations, SIBO, constipation, vertigo, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, bloating, acid reflux, and the list goes on…

These are all symptoms likely caused by deep-seated, unseen toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, immune challenges)interfering with the normal and optimal function of organs, glands, and systems.


The immense popularity of the new, fashionable weight loss drugs is a sign of people's desperation to lose weight. Do prescription drugs come with side effects?

The inability to lose weight may have several aspects to it: Spleen – the body’s food processing organ and oversees the lymphatic system – where digestion beginsThyroid gland – controls metabolismLiver – over 500 different functions overall hormone balance and optimizationLymphatic system – the body’s innate detoxification system not to mention genetic or hereditary weaknesses that have been passed down. In addition, eating processed, body-unfriendly foods and beverages that these challenged areas have little knowledge of what to do with. This, along with deep-seated, unseen, and health-depleting toxins causes functional imbalances in the areas above. These toxins may even be passed down and have hereditary origins.

This may contribute to the deep frustration of not knowing why you cannot lose weight. It is very difficult for the layperson to know why they cannot lose weight. It is simply below their level of knowledge and understanding. Even medical doctors may not know why they resort to medications.


The intention is to take a personalized, precise, whole-body approach effectively detoxifying the body along with optimizing organ, gland, and system function. Eating a personalized, whole-food diet at the right times (intermittent fasting) in the right amounts.The right exercise for your body type. So not only do you shed unwanted pounds, but your body is attaining a whole new level of optimal wellness. A true, holistic approach. If you do not correctly address the (unknown) underlying causes of why you cannot lose weight(or have any other symptoms), it may very well rear its ugly head again. There are no shortcuts with the human body to experiencing true, optimal wellness.


If you or someone you know would like to take a personalized, effective, whole-body approach to address the real reasons why weight loss is difficult, just call the office, and let’s go. Please forward this email to someone who may be looking for real answers. The intelligent, amazing body has all the answers to your symptoms. Let’s access that. We can work remotely. You just need to purchase the ZYTO cradle which analyzes the energetic function of all the organs and glands and I use it as a guide. www.ZYTO.comWe have them on sale in the wellness center. 954-771-5600.


Thank you and have a wonderful week,


Dr. Karp

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