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Ulcerative Colitis - A Patients Success Story

Good Super Bowl Sunday,

I hope this email finds you and your loved one’s well.


I received a kind review this week.I am sharing it because the story behind it has value.This patient and I worked together virtually.


“Dr. Karp is amazing. He took the time to find the root cause of my stomach issues

that I battled for over 20 years and now I have never felt better in my life!!

Can't thank him enough!”


On January 2023 he presented with Ulcerative Colitis.

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic condition that happens when youhave inflammation in your colon. Most people with UC experience periods ofsymptom flare-ups followed by periods of remission without symptoms.Signs and symptoms include diarrhea, bloody stools, abdominal cramping and weight lossTreatments include medication and surgery.The Cleveland Clinic


Ulcerative Colitis is considered an auto-immune condition.Meaning the immune system is attacking the large intestine.Maybe, there is an underlying cause that just isn’t being seen by conventional testing.

We found the true root cause of his chronic, moderate to severe symptoms.We did the ZYTO scan on him four times over a period of 1 year.

The ZYTO software recommended the whole food supplements that would balance his large intestine and whole bodyon a daily basis. I tweaked the supplements and dosages. He stayed on the supplements for 3 months each time.

He used The Digestion Card daily – a color/frequency device I developed that energetically balances thewhole body in regards to digestion and elimination.He followed the foods to avoid and ate a whole foods diet with minimal processed foods.


Essentially, we placed his amazing, self-healing and intelligent body into balance and coherence on a daily basisfor 1 year. It took that amount of time for the body to heal itself. When you struggle with a health condition foryears, it takes a year or more to truly make the corrections. We are not just treating or quieting symptoms.That is what medications are for.This is functional wellness care. Getting the body to function optimally everyday so its healing abilities are optimized.Makes sense. It takes work, dedication, consistency, determination, and self-love. Along with the bigger picture of getting truly well.

This gentleman was committed to do whatever it took to get well.Whatever I asked of him, he did. He trusted the process and his body’s ability to heal itself.

I just showed him the way. He did all the daily work. Which was:The Digestion CardThe correct, personalized, computer-recommended supplements in the correct doses,Avoid the negative foods that do not resonate with the body,Avoid processed sugar,Eat a whole foods diet at the right times to give the body time to detoxify and heal,And some other tweaks.And time.


Whatever health challenges you or a loved one may be facing, there is a way out of it.

It is like a puzzle. You have to put the pieces together correctly and in the right time sequence.The intelligent body has all the answers. Accessing this important information is vital to getting the best results.Applied Kinesiology is having a silent, energetic, conversation with the body. Answers directly from the source.  The body actually leads us through the whole process. How great is that?


If you have any questions please feel free to reply to drkarp@drdrewkarp.comPlease forward this email to someone who wants to enhance their health.You can learn more on the website at


Thank you and have a great week.


Dr. Karp

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