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The Last Resort and Moving Out Of The Way

Good Sunday,

Very often new patients come to see me after they have tried a multitude of things to help themselves. From going on special diets to seeing the best of the best specialists anywhere in the country and world. Likely not really addressing the true, root cause of their systems in a whole body wellness manner.

I humorously have called myself "The Last Resort" as people come to see me after they have exhausted all other avenues. My kids get a kick out of that - the call me the last resort doctor.

You see, the amazing, intelligent body is the best doctor.

It knows exactly what is going on internally.

The body houses a magnificent bio-computer called the brain.

There are approximately 86 Billion neurons in the human brain.

Along with an intelligent "life force" that controls and coordinates its function.

Tapping into this bio-computer and accessing information is the key.

I access what the "root cause" is and what body parts are being affected and then correctly tap into this unmatched resource and hear or feel its answers. The body always tells the truth. Then, I use computer-assisted therapies to correctly address these previously unseen issues. Therapies like computer-assisted acupuncture -, computer-assisted blood work and nutritional support -, and computer-assisted energetic evaluation and nutritional support -

The key is to deeply balance and optimize every gland (thyroid, pancreas, adrenals), organ (lungs, heart, liver, kidneys), and system (central and peripheral nervous system, digestion, circulatory), and then move out of the way and let the intelligent body do its thing and heal itself. The body needs time to unravel issues. To peel back the layers of deep-seated toxicity and its associated functional imbalances that are causing the symptoms. That simply takes time. You didn't get here overnight. We live in a society that wants it right away.

The human body doesn't have a stop watch or clock. It works on its own time.

This form of healthcare is a lifestyle. Meaning, I have many "wellness patients" who want to continue to get better and better. They understand that they have a limited amount of knowledge about their body and also that their health is their most precious possession. They get tested quarterly on the ZYTO scan and do what it takes over the next 3 months to move their body towards whole body wellness and away from dis-ease. A pro-active, intelligent, computer-assisted approach that works with their amazing body to optimize function. A cost effective, intelligent, body-directed, and computer-assisted approach, instead of guessing.

So, instead of using this technology as a last resort when your body is screaming with symptoms, be part of the 1% who understands that their health is number 1, and taking this approach is the way to go. Financially speaking, one year of this kind of whole-body wellness care equals about 1 day in the hospital (not really focused on creating wellness).

Any questions, feel free to email me here.

Ready to get under my care? Just call Gaby at 954-771-5600.

We can work remotely, too.

Have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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