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The Body Knows and Why Wait?

Good Sunday and Happy Labor Day Weekend,

So happy to be back in the office taking care of patients in person.

Great week having patients come in and getting to the true root cause of their health challenges. And, finding the correct pathway to help them get well. I write everything on the white board so it is crystal clear. Patients take a picture of it so they have it for the knowledge.

One example is a new patient came in with the following symptoms: Chronic asthma IBS – constipation and loose stools Chronic Fatigue Intermittent cardiac fibrillation

He has been to several doctors and specialists with only diagnosis’ and prescription meds (4) to control the symptoms.

Needless to say he was not happy about the money he spent and no real answers.

Like I explained to him, the body has an innate intelligence. It is amazingly smart. The body knows what is going on internally and if we can tap into that knowledge and find the root cause(s) to his symptoms, that would be great. In addition, find the correct course of action that addresses the root cause and, deeply balances the body on a daily basis so the body can heal itself. The body is the best healer.

I performed a 20 minute applied kinesiology evaluation of all his organs and glands. Looked at what the best form of body-friendly, balancing care is.

I wrote all my findings on the white board for his knowledge.

He was very happy (blown away) that his body knows exactly what is going on internally and that I was able to access this information.

He started care and is looking forward to making the correct internal corrections to get his body functioning optimally on a daily basis.

There is a big difference between treating symptoms with medications, and, addressing the true underlying cause(s) with body friendly and balancing supplements and food. Along with a few other energetic based approaches.

As I hear often from many patients, “It makes sense.”

Even if you are not experiencing health challenges, it makes sense to come in to maintain and enhance your most precious asset, your HEALTH.

I have people who see me monthly or quarterly to maintain and enhance their internal health and well-being. In today’s environment, it makes more sense than ever.

Have a great week!

To your optimal wellness,

Dr. Karp

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