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My Whole-Body Wellness Thoughts

Good Sunday,

As you may know I follow some of the best alternative or holistic doctors.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. David Jocker’s, Dr. Daniel Pompa, Dr. Eric Gordon and others.

I get emails from one of them daily about subject such as: environmental toxins, detoxification, diet – vegan, paleo, nutritarian, carnivore, intermittent fasting, epigenetics, the latest devices that balance the body, EMF,s, sleep, mental/emotional health and so on.

There is so much information available to us on a daily basis that it is hard to process. To decipher what is right for your individual body, constitution, genetics, current state of wellness or dis-ease, stress levels, etc. Even myself, being a doctor engrained in this work for 37 years am challenged with all the information. Always looking for ways my patients can benefit through the lens of how my patients can benefit.

There are basic action steps we can take on a daily basis that can help move the body toward wellness and away from dis-ease. Adequate and quality sleep – when the brain and body detoxifies. Try to not eat 2-3 hours before sleep and eat light. Diet – what and when to eat that best serves your biology and physiology. Plant-based, meat, chicken, raw or cooked, or what is best for you. Exercise – again, what is best for your individual structure, physiology and genetics. Yoga, walking, resistance training, swimming, etc.

Mental and emotional wellness – meditation, prayer, journaling, chi gong, tai chi. What works best for you?

Hydration – how much water am I drinking? Is that water truly helping me? Is the coffee I am drinking actually dehydrating me?

I have cared for many people who do all the right things and still get surprised with some kind of medical diagnosis.

They ask me, how could this of happened to me? I do all the right things. I follow the best people on line and even though I do all that, I still have a diagnosis.

What we do on the surface is all good, yet, there are deeper layers to how the body is functioning. The daily action steps we take are all good and the body appreciates it. Yet, there may be deeper seated, unseen and long-standing health-depleting toxins and functional imbalances that as a lay person, you, just may not aware of. That is how people get surprised with a medical diagnosis. Long-standing, deep-seated and unseen toxins and their resultant functional imbalances along with time and reacting to daily environmental insults = symptoms and a medical diagnosis’.

Leaving your most prized possession, your health, up to chance or playing the waiting game may not be the best choice. Hoping that you will be OK in the face of all the daily insults may not be the best approach. I recently have decided to take up cooking at home because I know how much food plays a role. As what we eat interacts with these deep-seated and unseen toxins and affects function and how we feel. I am making everything pretty much from scratch. As I am fighting against not the best genetics…

I recommend to people to take a personalized, pro-active, holistic, and computer-assisted approach to their health and well-being. The people who get the Big Picture see me at least quarterly for evaluation and care. That is 4 times a year to move their body in the direction of deep detoxification, daily balancing and enhanced function. I work with people virtually or remotely to make it that much easier. If you are reading this, then you are a wellness oriented human being. If you are not under my active care at least quarterly to help move your body toward whole body wellness, give that some thought.

I am here to help. Using computer technology and applied kinesiology – bio-feedback from the body, that is a great combination.

Any questions feel free to email me.

Please forward this to someone you care about.

Have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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