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Pain and Whole Body Functional Wellness

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Good Sunday,

I would like to talk about pain. At some time of your life you may have experienced pain in some area of your body. The neck, headaches, upper back pain,

shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatic or leg pain, etc.

Pain may come from a bodily injury from working out, a sports injury or a car accident. That is definitely pain that has a clear cause.

But what about the chronic kind of pain. Pain that lingers for months and even years. It can be intermittent, meaning comes and goes with no real reason or randomly.

What is “causing” that pain? Clearly it is not an injury of some sought. It didn’t even start because of an injury. It had a gradual onset and you thought it would go away.

The same can be said about symptoms – allergies, sinuses, hypothyroid, high blood pressure, bloating, constipation, high cholesterol or LDL, frequent urination, hot flashes, etc… Not really sure when it started, yet, you thought it would go away on its own.

Chronic pain may be originating from some functional imbalance in the body.

For example, neck and shoulder pain can be originating from the lungs and circulation. Or even from a spleen or kidney functional imbalance along with a circulation component.

Headaches could be a kidney functional imbalance along with circulation to the head.

Low back/sciatic pain could be a prostate, kidney and circulation issue. That appears and feels like a structural issue.

My point is, chronic or intermittent pain may be coming from an internal functional imbalance that you have no idea about. Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you that hey, there is a problem here and pain the only way I can tell you about it. You want to be listening to your body. Not muting it with some OTC medication. Your body is amazingly intelligent. It houses a magnificent bio-computer – your brain. It tells the truth at all times. Listen.

Unless you went through four years of medical or chiropractic school along with tons of post-graduate education, I wouldn’t expect you to fully understand or decipher the messages coming from your body. Listen anyway. It is always talking to you.

Applied Kinesiology or AK is the art and science of testing and receiving bio-feedback from the body. Your brain and autonomic nervous system or ANS knows exactly what is going on in the body. AK is about asking your body pertinent questions and hearing/feeling its answers. Direct access to the intelligence of the body. A form of bio-feedback. That, is how we find what is causing your pain or symptoms. Being certified in applied kinesiology or AK for 20 years and caring for 1,000’s of people you learn a few things. One thing is, the body is always open and willing to share health restoring information when asked the right questions with the right intention.

Acting upon that important information with correct, body-friendly, body-balancing therapies so the amazing body can heal itself over time is the key.

Instead of playing the wait and see game with your most prized possession, your health, take a pro-active, holistic, whole-body, AK and accurate approach and get under the care of a functional wellness doctor. Move your body toward wellness over time.

Any questions please feel free to email me here. Please pass this on to someone you care about.

Have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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