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It Takes Being A Wellness Warrior

Hi Wellness Warrior,


I changed my salutation because it is becoming more and more clear to me that in today’s environmentwe need to be “Wellness Warriors” to stay well and avoid sickness and dis-ease.

I see new patients every week who have done what they think is a good job takingcare of their health and still they present with “unexplained symptoms and health challenges”that they cannot manage with their best efforts.


Being a lay person who doesn’t have four years of medical education and decades of experiencein the health care space, I do not expect you to really understand what it takes to be“truly well.” To have a body that is functioning at its very best on a daily basis.We literally have to be Wellness Warriors.Not leaving our most prized possession, our health, up to the primary doctor who you may see once a year.

Traditional medical care is about waiting until you have a noted health challenge and then treatingthe symptoms with medications. That is not being a Wellness Warrior.


Even celebrities who have all the resources they could possibly need fall victim to serious health challenges.  

And they likely have yearly physicals by the best to make sure they are on the right track.How is that possible?


Because, traditional testing does not reach the level that sickness and disease lives at.If it is not showing up on a blood test, scan or imaging, or other test, they may miss the “root cause”and the resulting deep-seated functional imbalances.These health-depleting issues live below the traditional medical radar.

And certainly below your radar.You can eat what you think is well, exercise, sleep relatively well, have a positive mindsetand do all the right things, and still have nagging symptoms like:fatigue, brain fog, overweight, pain, insomnia, digestive issues, auto-immune issues,headaches, A-fib, food sensitivities, bloating, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc….


These are all messages or signals from your body that there are deep-seated “functional imbalances”

that are not being addressed by doing the right things.


You need to look below the surface. Yes, of course do all the right things on a daily basis.And, find a holistic, integrative, functional doctor who lives this stuff.

Who has the tools, knowledge and experience to “look under the hood” andsee what is really going on with your body. And take a personalized, effective, functional approachto addressing the root cause issues and, getting your body to function at its best daily.


Next week I will write about The Power of 10 – Getting your organs, glands and systems at their very best on a daily basis.That takes something extra. It’s not in the layperson’s arsenal.The body doesn’t need a lot to be balanced, optimized, coherent and enlivened – Power of 10 - on a daily basis.The body is actually a minimalist. I see that every day.It is going above the norm and giving your body the personalized, correct supplements, foods, energetic support, coaching at the right time in the right amount.That is being a Wellness Warrior!

Have a great week,


Dr. Karp

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