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Computer-assisted Acupuncture - The Acugraph Technology

Good Sunday,

I have a short story to share.

I long time patient was very sick the past month or so.

Very fatigued, couldn’t get out of bed, brain fog, out of work and little appetite.

He tested negative for Covid.

He said this is the sickest he has been for as long as he can remember.

He finally made it to my home office for care.

I ran the Acugraph acupuncture computer testing on him.

The acugraph is a computer software that reads the energy in all 12 main acupuncture meridians. Those are: Lungs

Pericardium – hormones and circulation


Small Intestine

Triple heater – metabolism

Large intestine

Spleen (pancreas)


Kidneys (adrenal glands)




The software creates a colored bar chart that shows the energy in each meridian. If a meridian is weak or deficient (blue), I treat the acupuncture point to strengthen it. If a meridian is over stimulated (red), I bring it down or sedate it to balance it. If a meridian is stressed or ‘split” I treat the acupuncture point to balance that.

The intention is, to deeply balance the entire acupuncture system. That unique energetic state rolls over to the physical body. Every meridian, organ and gland then has an energetic score of 10 out of 10. And, is in crystal clear balance and coherence with every other meridian and organ.

The body is in deep, coherent balance and optimized.

That is when whole body healing is truly possible.

It took two acupuncture treatments 4 days apart for this patient to fully recover. A couple of days after his second treatment he was feeling better and back at work! He went from crawling of bed to get to my office to being back at work in record time. Without taking a pill or supplement.

That is the power of computer-assisted acupuncture.

I have seen people recover quickly like this over and over again for years.

When you add special music that also balances out the entire acupuncture system, along with tapping a special Tibetan bowl that balances the acupuncture system, amazing things can and do happen. I place special water in a cup inside the Tibetan bowl that is drunk after the session. That water “records” the whole treatment.

You can learn more about the Acugraph technology by going to They also have great videos on you tube.

Acugraph makes the invisible energy or chi or life force energy visible in a bar graph format.

When I treat off the Acugraph findings, it places the whole body into deep, coherent balance and optimization. True detoxification and healing is then truly possible.

Any questions please feel free to email me. Please feel free to forward this email to a friend or someone who is looking for natural health care.

Have a great week!

Dr. Karp

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