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Computer-assisted Acupuncture and The Metabolic Reset Program

Good Sunday,

I hope finds you well. I am back personally treating patients in the Hollywood office. The address is 2419 Hollywood, Blvd.

I look forward to seeing you in person.

I am also working with patients virtually and will continue to do so.

Computer-assisted acupuncture: I would like to share what happens when you come in to the office for computer-assisted acupuncture.

First we do the Acugraph computerized acupuncture testing.

We test and measure the life-force energy traveling through all 12 main acupuncture meridians.

This way, we can actually see the energy traveling through your acupuncture system.

I treat you directly off this important information to place your body in a unique, deep and coherent state of energetic balance. In this state, the amazing body is able to make its own corrections. By the time I place the last painless needle in, the body begins to make corrections. I place special, energy balancing music in your ears that works synergistically with the needles.

You deeply relax in this balanced and coherent state for 25 minutes.

You leave in a very different and better place than when you walked in. The treatment and ongoing internal corrections lasts 3-4 days. There is a saying in the chiropractic profession: “The power that made the body heals the body.” This is the power (and intelligence) we are directly working with. How great is that?

Even if you are asymptomatic or without any outward symptoms, coming in for monthly computer-assisted acupuncture is simply a very good idea. Quarterly care also works. Something is way better than nothing at all.

Staying ahead of the wellness curve in today’s challenging environment is a good idea. It is way easier to stay well than to get well.

Metabolic Reset Program:

As I have written about before, not a week goes by that at least one person says to me how she/he has tried everything and still cannot lose any weight. Spending hours a day exercising, eating about 500 calories a day and still nothing. Being overweight is a symptom. Just like any other chronic symptom.

There are reasons why the body is not able to shed weight.

Of course, if someone is eating excess calories that the body cannot utilize, and not exercising, yes being overweight can result. But, if you are doing everything right and still cannot lose weight, there are likely deep-seated functional imbalances that are preventing your body from effectively and in a healthy fashion, from losing weight.

It makes sense then, to find out what these functional imbalances are and address them in a body-friendly, non-toxic, and effective manner. These functional imbalances are the real threat to the body. The excess weight is simply a symptom.

If you or someone you know is in this frustrating place, reach out to me and we can address these issues in a personalized and effective manner.

It takes time. Not an overnight thing. It likely took months, years or decades to get here, it takes time to unravel it all. We will be moving as quickly as your body can work.

Your health is your most precious asset. Invest in your whole-body wellness.

We all have blind spots when it comes to our health. This work accesses your blind spots and acts on them correctly.

Please forward this to someone who may be looking for answers. Contact me with any questions.

Here to help.

Dr. Karp

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