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Metabolic Syndrome - A Lifetime of Meds Or a Healthier Option

Good Sunday evening,

I had a new patient last week that I would like to share about as it is a composite of what I see on a weekly basis. I have his permission to share this.

I initially saw this very nice man back in 1998. I took care of him for a couple of years and he did very well. His health and life got turned around all for the positive.

I haven’t seen him in about 20 plus years.

He said I look the same – except for the grey hairs. Lol.

He presents with what his medical doctors are calling “metabolic syndrome.”

“Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar,

excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.” The Mayo Clinic

They ran a plethora of tests on him and gave him a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome.

Their treatment plan was to place him on a few medications and monitor his progress.

He remembered how well he did under my care and receives these emails.

He decided to reach out and go the holistic, root cause and functional wellness route.

I did a ZYTO computer scan on him to test the energetic function of his organs and glands. Energetic function precedes physical function.

What I saw from this test is there are deep-seated, constitutional or hereditary based functional imbalances in the following areas:

Circulation Lymphatic system – the body’s innate detoxification system Liver


The liver is the priority and is referring to the pancreas, stomach and thyroid.

These areas of deep-seated functional imbalances are the root cause of the “metabolic syndrome.”

The intention of care is to correctly improve the function of these areas. Until they do not show up in future evaluations. That takes work. The other option is to be on meds possibly for the rest of his life. That could be 30 – 40 more years. And at what quality of life. If it is anything like it is now, not a great prognosis.

His body was calling for the computerized blood work. The intelligent body knows.

That is a comprehensive blood test at a local Lab Corp.

A computer in Dayton, Ohio reads the results and does two things: Creates a one of a kind detailed report explaining the results,

Recommends the correct supplements that balances his blood work and his body. He stays on the supplements for 8 weeks and we retest on the ZYTO computer testing to see where he is at and what is next.

It may take 5-7 rounds of testing and follow up supplements for him to get well. And that is OK. It takes time to turn things around. To take a body that is not functioning well at all and transform it into a well-oiled machine. It takes time, dedication and work. On both of our parts.

He is all in and ready to do whatever it takes to get well. He sees how not feeling well is affecting his life…

Being 30 pounds overweight is just the start.

As soon as the blood test report comes in I will place him on a personalized plan to have his body detoxifying, functioning and healing optimally on a daily basis. That is how the body gets well.

The correct supplements off the computerized blood work.

The Metabolic Reset Program to optimize metabolism is a healthy way. And a few other therapies to get his body balanced and optimized daily.

In this unique and wonderful state, the body’s self-healing abilities are optimized.

It’s either that or take medications to manage the symptoms for who knows how long. And letting the functional imbalances continue to persist and rob his vitality, happiness and zest for life.

I will write about his progress in 2 months.

If you or someone you know is looking for real answers to their health challenges, call Gaby and set an appointment. 954-771-5600. Leaving your most prized possession, your Health, up to chance may not be the best option. Taking a whole-body, wellness focused, computer-assisted and body-directed approach may be.

Have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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