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Being Overweight is a Symptom

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well.


In the past month I have had a few new patients come in withtheir major complain being overweight.They have tried just about everything with little to no results.From eating less than 500 calories a day to exercising 2 plus hours a day.

How is it possible that a person can eat less than 500 calories a day andexercise for over 2 hours a day and not lose weight?

That is the unanswered question.


That is because most often, not being able to lose weight is a “symptom”of deeper metabolic and functional imbalances.

These metabolic dysfunctions run deep and it takes a bio-energetic,functional assessment to determine what they are.

Meaning, doing a bio-feedback assessment to access importantinformation from the body about why that person is not able toshed weight in a healthy manner.


The amazing, intelligent body has all the answers.Tapping into this valuable knowledge we can uncover thereal metabolic dysfunctions that are going on and address themin the best way possible. It takes work, discipline, some sacrificeand persistence to go deep and clear these issues that are preventingthe body from losing unwanted weight.Imagine carrying around two 5 - 10 pounds weights in each hand all day.It places a lot of stress on the heart and other internal organs and structural body.


A basic outline of care would look like this.1) First, access why a person is not able to lose weight.

Is it the thyroid (metabolism), spleen (food processor of the body), liver (over 500 functions),lymphatic system (body’s innate detoxification system - often overlooked yet important aspect of losing weight)or other functional imbalances. More likely a combination.Usually, there is an unseen, hereditary component to these organ/gland dysfunction,

2) Come up with a plan of care that effectively and directly address these deep-seated metabolic dysfunction.

Computerized testing of what supplements and foods are needed to directly address these issues.The software will also show what foods to avoid.

What groups of foods to avoid – dairy, grains, sugars, etc

3) Lifestyle changes specific to that person. Exercise, sleep, when to eat.

4) Daily energetic support – for metabolic support, balance EMF’s from cell phones, hydration, emotional if needed.

5) Acupuncture to focus on weight loss – Dr. Ashley is amazing.


Being overweight is a symptom of deeper, unexplained, metabolic dysfunctions.

Big pharma is addressing this symptom with expensive medications that somehow override the body’smetabolic challenges and cause it to shed weight.Yet, the metabolic dysfunctions continue to persist and may show up later as something else.


If you are struggling with weight loss (or really any other symptom) then consider getting undercare to address the real, unseen, health challenging issues in a body-friendly and effective way.Symptoms are your amazing body’s way of telling you something is wrong.Listen to your body as it is always talking to you. Be a good listener.


If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at

Please forward this email to a friend or family member.


Your in Optimal Health and Vitality,


Dr. Karp

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