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Balance, Optimization, Coherence and Enliven - BOCE™

Good Sunday,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well.

Quite often, patients ask me how did I get into this work. What is the intention or philosophy of this form of health care. In chiropractic school back in the 80’s we were taught that The power that made the body, heals the body.” World renown author, lecturer and fellow chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza, a big proponent of ‘coherence’ and one of my teachers, makes that comment often.

When the whole body is in a state of coherence, meaning all the organs (heart, brain, liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc), glands (thyroid, ovaries, testes, hypothalamus, etc) and systems (digestive, lymphatic, circulatory) are in perfect balance, communication and harmony, the self- healing ability of the body is maximized. Isn’t that what we are looking for? That your amazing body’s ability to heal itself is at its very best, on a daily basis?

After being in practice for over 3 decades, and seeing thousands of patients with all kinds of health challenges, I believe, placing the body in a deep state of balance, optimization, coherence and enlivened is one of the best ways to encourage effective detoxification, regeneration and healing. And doing that on a daily basis, even better.

I developed and trademarked a technology called BOCE™.

BOCE stands for balance, optimization, coherence and enliven. Any therapy I place a patient on or device I recommend is all about creating BOCE™. on a daily basis. So the body has the best chance of detoxifying deep-seated and health-interfering toxins and, enhancing organ, gland and whole body function. When the body is detoxifying and functioning at its best, self-healing is naturally maximized. The variable is time. The body simply needs time to make internal changes. Whatever health challenges a patient may come in with, from migraine headaches to plantar fasciitis, from asthma to IBS, from acnes to chronic fatigue syndrome, my approach is the same. Address the true root “cause” of the persistent symptoms and create BOCE™ within the body on a daily basis. Avoid the foods that aggravate the body and put body-friendly foods and beverages in.

As you may know, I developed the BOCE™ coaster. The intention is to place any and all beverages on the BOCE™ coaster to bring it to its very best and body-friendly possible energy. Below is a video about water and how it is affected by positive and negative energy.

Amazing work!

How does the commercial beverages you drink affect the body? When I do computer-assisted acupuncture on a patient, their whole body is in a beautiful and deep state of balanced and coherent. If I place any commercial or processed beverage on a patient who is deeply balanced having computer-assisted acupuncture, it immediately throws the body totally out of energetic balance! Every time. When that same beverage sits on the BOCE™ coaster for 3 minutes and then placed on the same patient having acupuncture, it keeps the whole body in that beautiful, deep state of whole body balance and coherence. Every time. Coffee, bottled water, sports drinks, wine, tequila, or any beverage.

Personally, I do not drink anything without it sitting on the BOCE™ coaster. You can get the BOCE™ coaster at It makes a great wellness gift for this holiday season

Please share this email with someone who values their health and well-being.

Health is truly wealth.

Any questions or comments please feel free to reply.

Have a great week.

Dr. Karp

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1 Comment

Hi Dr Drew,

Im 80 and just had my diagnosis switched to Stiff Person Syndrome after suffering for 41 years. My Gad 65 blood lab was 15 times higher than normal. That the test fir Stiff Person. I am struggling, to say the least. I am your old patient, Sheila Stillman De Ruzza. I live in Boynton with Bruce since 04. Jonas and wife and two kids live in Weston. I see you are in Hollywood. Im probably going to get ablation because the pain is bad. Have you helped with this diagnosis? It’s the Celine Dion thing.

Best wishes,


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