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A Success Story and The Amazing Body

Good Sunday,

I hope this email finds you and your loved one’s well and in good spirits.


I am sharing a recent new patient’s story (with her consent of course) to show youthe healing power of the human body. When the amazing, intelligent, and self-healing bodyis placed in a state of whole-body balance, optimization, coherence and enlivened (BOĆE™),this is what is possible.


All I did was evaluate her to see what the true underlying issues (causes) to her persistent andunexplained symptoms were, and see what is needed to place her body in that optimal, precision,whole-body healing state on a daily basis. We eliminated some foods, added some foods, andplaced her on the 6 supplements recommended by the computerized blood work.

Her body was calling for the blood work recommended supplements instead of the ZYTO computer supplements.Some people with greater health challenges need the computerized blood work based supplements.  


“Long story short, I have been battling severe illness after the second Moderna COVID vax for almost 3 years and was about to give up!My symptoms included Chronic Rhinitis/sinusitis, pericarditis, bronchitis, pneumonia (4 times in 2023) and hospitalization.

I was diagnosed with allergic asthma and was under the care of 6 doctors, constant blood work and medications that never made me well!I also was suffering from severe fatigue and fibromyalgia. My husband was going to see Dr Karp for his eczema and asked if I’d consider acupuncture.

At this point I had nothing to lose! The first session was laser acupuncture and I felt amazing after a few days.Then Dr Karp took my recent blood work results and did a complete evaluation based on my symptoms.He gave me a nutrition plan and multiple (6) supplements geared towards helping my immune system heal and strengthen my body.  Within days after taking the supplements and changing my diet (eliminated coffee-but I wanted my life back)!I’ve been able to stop 5 meds and in my last checkup with Dr Karp I showed 50% improvement per his updated tests.But I say I got my life back! I’m a believer! What have you got to lose by trying?!?”


The human body is such a beautiful, complex, self-healing and intelligent masterpiece.We created the balanced and optimal internal environment so her body can finally begin to heal itself.All her organs and glands have an energetic score of 10 out of 10 every day.

That was not happening when she was under traditional medical care.

The only variable is time. Everybody responds differently.She did everything I asked of her and her body responded very well.


She has a true 3 year old issue.Some people come in with unexplained symptoms where the underlying cause is decades old.

And, may very well even have hereditary based origins. Those issues take longer to resolve.

I am sharing this story with you to show you the amazing, self-healing ability of the human body.When the body is placed in a deeply balanced, optimized, coherent and enlivened state on a daily basis.Along with personalized lifestyle enhancementsThat is what this work is all about.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me back.

Please forward this email to someone who may be looking for real answers totheir health challenges. The website is


Have a great week,


Dr. Karp

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