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The Global Energy Card - Part 2

Good Sunday,

Last week I wrote about an EMF device I originally created in 2002, The Global Energy Card. I saw back then when I deeply balanced patients with computer-assisted acupuncture and then placed their 2G phones on their body, it threw their body totally out of balance.

Fast forward to 2023 and 5G, the same thing happens. Our vulnerable bodies are not capable of effectively counteracting the incoming negative, low-level radiation and energies from these devices. And how many hours are you and your kids on your phone and computer a day? Not to mention the invisible Wi-Fi that is all around us. That’s on top of the daily stress we all encounter.

The Global Energy Card is the exact color that emits the right frequencies that energetically balance the body in the face of incoming low-level radiation. Every color has its own unique frequency and wavelength or energetic signature. This is a non-toxic, body-friendly, smart, body-balancing way to counteract the negative effects of your cell phone, tablet, and computer. Just place the card inside your cell phone case with the blue side facing you or away from the phone.

As I mentioned in last week’s email, The Global Energy Card has other benefits. Like enhanced athletic performance and recovery, energizing your food, speeding up the recovery of an injury, and reduction of pain – if it is truly a structural issue. The unique energy of this card has many uses.

If it can keep me energetically balanced standing right outside a huge power plant, it has a lot of potential uses. Keeping you energetically balanced in regards to your cell phone, is just one.

Enhanced Workouts and Athletic Performance

We are looking for any edge we can get when it comes to working out. This specific frequency balances the (unknown) weak areas of the body in regard to working out. For myself, those weak areas are circulation, pancreas, liver, bladder, thyroid gland, lungs, and the lumbar spine L1-L5. By energetically balancing these areas it bumps up my workout by 5%. Doing this energetic balancing subsequently enhances or shortens my workout recovery. I taped the card to the inside of my ankle (spleen 6 points) with the blue side facing the skin. Nothing to ingest. I take it off when I am done with my workout. Done.

Energizing Foods

If the food you are eating is not grown on a farm or if it comes in a box, it is likely processed. And if it is not organic, the energy of that food is likely low. Using an energetic scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD, my read is that processed foods have an energetic score of about 10 out of 1,000. Just-picked organic vegetables and fruits have an energy score of 615. Ocean water and falling rainwater have an energy score of 615. Most human beings resonate between 200 – 250 out of 1,000. Eating processed foods (score of 10) brings our energy down. Placing The Global Energy Card which has a subtle energy score of 615 under your plate, through a quantum physics process, energizes the food to 615. The same energy as Mother Nature’s just picked organic produce, ocean, and falling rainwater. Can only have a positive effect. Place the card with the blue side up touching the plate.

Speeding up Recovery

There have been many times when patients have hurt themselves and they immediately took out the card and placed it on the injured area. It noticeably sped up their healing. They place it on there for 30 minutes a day and speed up recovery. Blue side on the skin. Many years ago a patient was horseback riding and was thrown off the horse and landed on a rock with his buttocks and hip. The whole area was all black and blue. He placed the card on there for 3 days, 12 hours a day. I saw him 3 days later and it was totally cleared up. We were both amazed. 615 energy is powerful. Remember, it kept me energetically balanced standing right outside a huge power plant.

Reduction of Pain

Place the card in the area for 30 minutes a day. I have seen many times where this has helped if it is a true structural issue.

At our very core, we are energy and frequencies. Researcher, author, and speaker Dr. Joe Dispenza and many quantum physicists say we are 99.99% energy. It makes sense to work with and balance the body at this deep level.

The Global Energy Card will be here in a week or two. I will notify you in an email. They come in a set of three for $30. I still have a few from 2002. They last that long.

If you have any questions feel free to email me here. Please share this blog with the people in your life who may not know about this. We all deserve to have energetic balance in our modern-day lives.

Thank you and have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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