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Cell Phone Radiation and The Global Energy Card

Good Sunday,

In the last few weeks, several people have asked me about The EMF Card. That is the technology that energetically balances the body so it can block out incoming low-level radiation from your cell phone, computer, laptop, and other devices.

This topic is so important that Dr. Joe Mercola wrote a whole book on the subject called: EMF*D – 5G, Wi-Fi and Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself

I originally saw how cell phones negatively affect us way back in 2002. When I would deeply balance patients with computer-assisted acupuncture, and they would lie on their back relaxing with the needles in, I would place their 2G flip phone on their body. Every time, by placing the cell phone on the body, it throws the once deeply balanced body TOTALLY OUT OF BALANCE. And that was 2G.

I took it upon myself in 2002 to find a universal solution to the dilemma. After much thought and testing, I came up with color.

Every (shade of) color has its own unique frequency and wavelength.

At our very core, we are frequencies and wavelengths. I spent several months testing what exact color energetically balances the body so it stays balanced even when a person is on the phone.

I even tested patients having 3 cell phones on their body. I even tested being on the computer with 3 cell phones on the lap. I went so far as to stand right outside a huge power plant in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and see if this specific color, frequency, and wavelength kept me in energetic balance. In all these cases, this specific color or frequency keeps the body in whole-body, energetic balance and coherence when these devices are affecting the body.

Fast forward to 2023 and 5G and Wi-Fi are all around us. The same color/frequency/wavelength works. How many hours a day are you on your phone? Maybe you are reading this blog on your phone.

The effects are subtle. Meaning below your conscious awareness.

Yet, I assure you, if you came into my office and had computer-assisted acupuncture so your whole body is deeply balanced, optimized, coherent, and enlivened, and we placed your phone on your abdomen, it would totally disrupt the treatment. To a point where I am unable to tweak any of the needles to bring it back into balance...

If it has this negative effect when your body is deeply balanced and coherent, what is happening when it is not?

That is why this blog is all about the newly named (actually the name of the first version in 2002) The Global Energy Card.

There is so much more I would like to say, and I will do it in a follow-up blog this week.

For now, The Global Energy Card will be here in about 2 weeks.

They come in a set of 3 for $30. So you can place one in 3 phones. Or one in your phone, on your laptop and desktop.

There are other uses for this card that I will share about in my next blog. Like enhanced athletic performance and recovery, energizing your food, speeding up the recovery of an injury, and reducing pain – if it is truly a structural issue. The unique energy of this card has many uses.

If it can keep me energetically balanced standing 20 feet from a huge power plant, it has a lot of potential uses. Keeping you energetically balanced in regards to your cell phone, is just one.

Please forward this blog to someone you care about so they can benefit... In the past, I have had people buy 10 sets (at wholesale price) to share with people.

This is important.

Oh, by now you know that I am back in Hollywood seeing patients in person. You can call Gaby at 954-771-5600 to set an appointment.

Thank you and have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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