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Computerized Blood Work

What is Computerized Blood Work?

Computerized blood work is when you have a comprehensive blood test (the gold standard in health care) and a leading-edge computer software reads the results. A detailed report is generated to help you understand the results. This report is unlike anything you have seen. In addition, the software recommends the whole food nutritional supplements that balance and optimize whole body internal function. The whole food supplements are a comprehensive, personalized, foundational nutritional program.

Where is the blood drawn?

At a local Lab Corp.

How long does it take?

We have the results in 3 to 4 days

What is the fee?

The fee for the comprehensive blood test is $275. It is extremely low because Dr. Karp belongs to a national co-op of integrative doctors. The nutritional supplements are additional.

Does Dr. Karp receive the results?

Yes, Dr. Karp reads your test results and goes over them with you. He tests the nutritional supplements to make sure they are right for you.

What should I expect?

Everyone is different. The goal is to help your body effectively detoxify deep-seated health, depleting toxins, balance and optimize internal function, and give the body exactly what it needs to heal at its best.


Dr. Karp has been practicing Holistic Medicine in South Florida for 37 years.

He is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College and is certified in acupuncture and applied kinesiology.


Dr. Karp evaluates and addresses your health challenges by combining state-of-the-art computer technologies, applied kinesiology testing, whole-food and herbal supplements, medicinal foods, energetic support and lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Karp is the developer of BOĆE™ technology. 
BOĆE™ stands for balance, optimize, coherence and enliven. 
His care of patients and products embody this technology. 


Dr. Karp's intention is to help his patients attain their highest level of health and wellbeing. 


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Computerized Blood Work

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Computer-Assisted Acupuncture

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Applied Kinesiology

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The Zyto Testing

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telehealth consultation

We can work with you remotely! Call today or fill out one of our contact boxes to set up a time for your online session. For an office consultation call 954-771-5600.

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Your First Visit

We understand that the first visit to a new doctor's office can be overwhelming.  

You can now download and print the New Patient Questionnaire and Informed Consent before your first visit. You can also fill it out here.

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Shop our high-quality energy cards and rejuvenate your body. 


I been a patient of Dr Drew Karp for 15 years, he keeps me healthy and balance, I never get sick maintaining my body strong. The last time I went to see him was for a fall and I sprained my ankle, is amazing how right after his treatment I was feeling so good and swelling came down. The next day I couldn't believe how it got better!! The best guidance for nutrition healthy lifestyle. He is the best, he treated my boys, I refer my friends and yoga students, he always helps everybody, he goes beyond symptoms finding the roots for real healing!!! I trust him with all my heart

Paola V., Verified Patient

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Dr. Drew Karp


Has been practicing Holistic and Alternative Medicine in South Florida for over 37 years.

PH#:  954-771-5600

LOC: 800 East Broward Blvd
   Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

What is Holistic Medicine?


Dr. Drew Karp has been practicing Holistic and Alternative Medicine in South Florida for over 30 years. He is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia, and certified in acupuncture and applied kinesiology. Dr. Karp has the rare ability to communicate with the body to access and correct the underlying causes of health problems and challenges. By using cutting edge technology, he is able to accurately measure the flow of energy throughout the body.  Dr. Karp uses this information, along with applied kinesiology, to determine and treat the true underlying issues. 


What is an Acugraph?

The Acugraph is a non-invasive, computerized, acupuncture testing software, that accurately measures the amount of energy, 'chi,' or 'life force,' traveling through your twelve main acupuncture meridians. It is this life force energy that keeps you alive, and powers all functions in your body; breathing, digestion, vision, thinking, movement, talking, hormone creation, cell replication, etc. Acupuncture meridians are invisible pathways that conduct the flow of energy throughout the body. 


The Acugraph uses modern computer technology to accurately assess, and, give an 'inside look' at how the acupuncture system is functioning.  It makes the invisible acupuncture system visible, as a tangible, hard-copy graph printout, and provides an exact energetic blueprint from which to work.


What is Applied Kinesiology?


As human beings,  we speak ‘verbal languages,’ such as English, Spanish, and French, to name a few.  Similarly, your body has an internal,  ‘non-verbal language’ all its own, called “Bio-Energetics.”  Renowned author Dr. David Walther’s states “The body has a language providing information that can lead to the discovery of the cause of health problems; the key is an ability to understand the language.


  Failure to read body language regarding health is very similar to an inability to interpret a foreign language.  The information in the language may be very valuable, but unless one can read the language, the information is useless.”  Applied Kinesiologists are rigorously trained to test and read the body, and communicate with it, in its non-verbal language.  By doing so, vital (often unheard) bodily information can be accessed, and the proper health restorative therapies implemented.


What is PC Assisted Acupuncture?


In our wellness center, we use a cutting edge computer software program called "The Acugraph." The Acugraph is a non invasive, painless, and accurate way of measuring the energy, or life force energy, traveling through your 12 main acupuncture meridians. It is like an MRI of your acupuncture system. It makes the invisible energy visible.  A bar graph is generated and printed with the results of your test. 


The bar graph guides Dr. Karp to what acupuncture points on your body need to be treated to attain a very unique, deep, and one of a kind state of energetic balance. The intention of acupuncture is to have your body in deep energetic balance, in this unique state the body is able to heal itself at its optimal potential. Using the findings from the Acugraph, this becomes a reality every time. 


It is in the unique state of 100% energetic balance, coherence, and reorganization that the body is able to truly detoxify and heal itself.  


What is “the balance”?


The Balance is a leading-edge, computerized nutritional testing software that reads and analyzes the energetic function of the human body (glands, organs, systems). The energetic function always precedes physical function.


When you place your hand on the 'cradle,' the computer software sends many subtle, non-toxic, digital 'stress signals' to the body through the cradle. Simultaneously, the software is monitoring and analyzing how the body is dealing with those digital stress signals. This occurs for 6-7 minutes. The software then recommends the exact whole food nutritional supplements that will address and deeply balance your imbalances and weaknesses on a nutritional level.


When the body is in balance on a nutritional and biochemical level, it has the very best chance of experiencing optimum function, deep detoxification, and optimum healing. When the body is moving toward wellness on a daily basis, there is much less chance for degenerative disease and illness.


The Balance is not about addressing symptoms. When internal imbalances, toxicities, and weaknesses are too much for the body to deal with, they show up as symptoms. When these core issues are being addressed effectively by the body, symptoms quietly fade away.

The Balance recommends the whole food nutritional supplements that your body needs to address deep internal imbalances, weaknesses and toxicities that create dysfunction, symptoms, premature aging, and ill-health. We all want to have a body that is functioning as close to 100% as possible, 100% of the time.


Whereas acupuncture corrects imbalances and weaknesses on an energetic level, The Balance corrects imbalances and weaknesses on a nutritional level. It is Dr. Karp's intention to bring you the best of both worlds, so you can experience long term optimum health and well-being. Now, when people ask: "What nutritional supplements should I be taking?" there is a clear and definitive answer.

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