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"I feel amazing! Following Dr. Karp’s advice via his 35 years of experience and thoughtful/patient-tested and proven methodologies has brought me back to feeling well with optimum energy, clear headedness and physically FIT and slim!!

If you want and need to feel YOUR BEST, please contact Dr. Drew Karp!"

- Mona W.

"I’m a Chiropractor and avoided Covid until 2 weeks ago. Had lots of fatigue and fever for 4 days. I contacted Dr Drew and he remotely helped me speed up my recover. Truly remarkable! Thx Dr. Drew!"

- Steven Zimmerman

"After 17 months of pain & no direction/diagnosis from any doctors, 1 visit,1 supplement & 1 week my pain is GONE.."

- Kristen Trujillo

"Dr Karp has helped me with many health issues as well as my family. His patience and kind nature, his empathy, as well as intuitive healing abilities, are his many strengths. He treats the entire body and gets to the root issue. Thank goodness we have him in South Florida. Peri is amazing too.

What a great team that will guide you to ultimate wellness."

- Tara McNamara

"I have been a patient of Dr Karp's for over 20 years. His dedication to his patients and to his vocation is part of his life purpose. I have had him treat me many, many time over the 20 years for several different ailments and reasons and the results are and always have been amazing!
I have referred many people over the years and they have always been thankful for the results as well.

The difference with seeing Dr Karp is that he has the training and the ability to get to the core of the issue. He also has the desire and relationship with his patients to achieve success which is the icing on the cake, so to speak!"

- Sales Team

"I have been a patient of Dr. Karp for over 2 years and cannot express how happy I am to have met him so is my entire family. My health has not only improved overall, but I no longer have allergies, stomach issues, and debilitating headaches that I used to have for over 10 years. Dr Karp has truly been a godsend for all of us and for my many friends. Highly recommend!"

- Anna Marchenko

"Dr Karp has been able to help me out with my autoimmune issues using a combination of his holistic coaching and acupuncture method. As a holistic chiropractor in Hollywood, FL, Dr. Karp is definitely aligned with alternative healing methods and strategies. I've been able to gain a lot of joy and strength back and curtail a big part of my autoimmune issues but my positive review of Dr. Karp by no means states that this is some sort of magic wand. My regimen consisted of cutting off all alcohol, grains, dairy, eggs and other inflammatory-causing ingredients per Dr. Karp's advice. In addition. I followed this up with an aggressive sauna and green juicing regimen both of which aided greatly in my detoxification and suppressing symptoms. Dr Karp is a great healer and holistic coach but you have to do the work yourself. I'd recommend Dr. Karp any day of the week when it comes to natural healing and functional medicine."

- Digital Rez

"Dr. Karp was able to pinpoint the ROOT CAUSE of my progressing and decades-long disease that was genetic in origin. He treats the whole body, not just symptoms. And his abilities continue to evolve every time I see him. If you have a medical issue allopathic doctors aren’t able to treat, RUN to see him as fast as you can!!! If you do the work, you will heal the dis-ease in your body. His rates are more than reasonable, too!!"

- Camie Shaw

"I have waited way too long to write this - I think I wanted to make sure it was perfect but I just can’t wait any longer - STOP WASTING TIME WITH DOCTORS WHO DONT CARE / CANT HELP YOU - I went to countless, countless doctors and wasted thousands of dollars to try to figure out what was wrong with me. Was exhibiting so many random symptoms: brain fog, fatigue, rashes, joint pain, along with 20 pounds of weight gain and other unexplained symptoms. By the grace of god and a friend of mine - I got referred to dr. Karp. I had officially hit rock bottom and said what the heck. Dr. Karp has some special powers - I’m not sure what they are - but I AM HEALED. Haven’t gone to the doctor in over a year now. I have my life back and fit into my clothes again. This is an absolute blesssing to have him in south Florida. Peri and the whole office are amazing too. If you can’t figure your problems out, if you feel like doctors don’t listen, if you just want to lose weight, or just get in good health - see dr karp. And remain open-minded. You might not understand what he’s doing but you don’t need to. you are in good hands with someone who actually cares and wants you to feel better. AND it’s very affordable which is UNHEARD of for this type of work. Book the appointment. See for yourself."

- Daniella O.

"I've been a patient of Dr Drew Karp for 15 years, he keeps me healthy and balanced, I never get sick maintaining my body strong. The last time I went to see him was for a fall and I sprained my ankle, it'ss amazing how right after his treatment I was feeling so good and the swelling came down. The next day I couldn't believe how it got better!!

The best guidance for a nutritional, healthy lifestyle.

He is the best, he treated my boys, I referred my friends and yoga students, he always helps everybody, he goes beyond symptoms finding the roots for real healing!!! I trust him with all my heart."

- Paola Villegas

"There is NO ONE I trust more, or at all, with my family, friends or my own health! Dr Drew has been treating me for over 20 years. I am over 50 now and I have never had a prescription filled, blood pressure perfect, slim, healthy and I definitely credit him with that. It's not only his treatments but what you learn from him that you carry in to daily life that also KEEPS you healthy! Any time anything does come up he completely nails it immediately. He treats the ROOT cause, which may seem like it takes a little longer, BUT IS WELL WORTH THE EXTRA TIME! I have referred everyone close to me to him over the years and most of them still see him! Peri is AMAZING and he always has the best staff! Even his remote treatments have saved me while I was traveling. Doc Drew saved one friend from open heart surgery, another from migraine headaches, another from prostate issues, diagnosed another whom MD's had been misdiagnosing for 4 months and another friend who's child had basically been given a life sentence, was in another country but sent a picture he accurately diagnosed. Honestly, the testimonies I could share are endless. But, as they say, seeing is believing. You must go yourself."

- Christina Henley

"Dr. Karp has cleared up a number of issues for me. The combination of applied kinesiology, acupuncture and computerized nutrition tests that he uses usually gets right to the underlying problem. Above all he has a unique ability to feel energetic levels sometimes beyond comprehension. I assure you that his touch is awfully accurate. He corrects the roots of medical issues instead of treating symptoms. Dr. Karp is a great guy outside of work as well as he only wants the best for his patients, always on call after hours to answer questions. He has paved a very holistic way of life for me and I’ve never felt better."

- Zack Gordon

"Dr. Karp is absolutely amazing. He’s seriously the most honest and educated doctor I have encountered in my life. His holistic approach includes healing the mind, body, & spirit. He takes his time with each patient and is very personable. I take my children to him. I’ve even sent family members to him. His approach has healed me on so many levels."

- Kristie Lennon

"I have been going to see dr Karp for 14 years. I have sent him countless referrals because his methods of healing are so effective and gentle. Dr Karp is a metaphysical miracle worker! He uses a form of kinesiology to determine sensitivity and gives advice on clearing the body from its blockages to wellness. He is an acupuncturist and a chiropractor, too!"

- Kat D.

"if I could assign 6 Stars to Dr. Karp I would do it in a heartbeat!

His approach to diagnosing your medical problems is unique
and his healing solutions are nothing short of miraculous!
After three physicians who were unable to achieve anything significant
for my post-prostate cancer problems. Dr. Karp cleared up everything within a few months.

He is gifted. Take advantage of his gifts as I do and many of my family do as well.

I am honored to write a review about Dr. Drew Karp."

- Maurice Mann

"I have been following Dr. Karp’s weight loss program for the past five weeks and I am amazed at the clothes I am easily slipping back into!

Like having my closet back! With just eliminating certain food groups and adding whole food supplements along with a delicious 5 ingredient fat-burning vegetable salad I’ve been able to lose 15 pounds, have lots of energy and my sleep pattern has normalized! Thank you Dr Karp and staff for your detailed attention and accountability! If you're struggling with your weight, look no further and thank your lucky stars you’ve found Dr Karp!"

- Holly R.

"I've been seeing Dr. Karp for 12 years and throughout this entire time, I was never misdiagnosed by him. I can say this with certainty because blood tests have always confirmed his diagnosis. His ability to pinpoint the root of the problem has resolved my health issues rather than just masking the symptoms.

He is an extraordinary doctor. I highly recommend him."

- Sher Salzman

"I had been suffering from excruciating migraines for 2 days and they were so bad I was unable to sleep. I contacted Dr Karp and asked him if he could treat me remotely. He told me the problem was my right Kidney (my pain was on the right side of my head) and it was affecting the circulation in my head. He balanced me and said that I should start feeling better shortly. I slept through the night almost 12 hours and woke up with almost no pain at all. I can actually function!!! I believe Dr. Karp has been blessed with an amazing gift " Healing". Dr. Karp has been treating me and my entire family for almost 20 years as our primary Dr. I do not know of any other Dr., MD or Alternative that can do what he does. Not just that, try calling your primary and see if he will even take your call .... but here it was after 5pm and Dr. Karp was there for me. Thank you Dr Karp from the bottom of my heart."

- Patricia Prosje

"Dr. Karp was recommended by a dear friend of mine. I had just finished being treated for Aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My body was in a state of chaos. My oncologist agreed for me to use holistic health care to get back my body back in balance. And now as I smile in remembering, I could hardly walk into Dr. Karp's office. After following Dr. Karp's treatment plan, I am 78, take NO medicine, follow a healthy diet with exercise and feel absolutely amazing. My oncologist is very happy with my progress. I see Dr. Karp regularly to accurately detect the underlying cause of any health issue I experience and keep my body functioning at its best.
Dr. Karp is my go-to doctor and he keeps me feeling great. I am enjoying life to the fullest!"

- Linda Grigg

"Dr Karp is outstanding as a professional and human being. My whole family has been to his office and they all have healed or are in the process of healing. I totally recommend you give yourself the opportunity to meet him and discover the **root** of your illnesses."

- Mayra Montalvo

"About 12 years ago 3 chiropractors and 2 physicians all agreed that the numbness and tingling in my right was due to a pinched nerve in my neck. The cervical vertebrae were misaligned and rubbing up against the nerve that went to my arm.

The chiropractors were unable to help. The neurosurgeon and the orthopedic surgeon suggested two very different, very invasive surgical procedures. And both predicted there would only be a 50% chance of some relief.

Thank goodness I found Dr. Karp. After only two sessions I noticed a decrease in the pain and discomfort. After 10-12 sessions the symptoms were 95% gone - - and have not returned.

Without surgery, without drugs, he was able to coax my body into correcting a structural deformity. And this has happened again and again over the years.

So, who is this ‘miracle worker’? A benevolent emissary from the cosmos bestowing his otherworldly healing powers on us meager humans. Or is he just an Earthbound wizard?

Either way I am grateful to know him and be his patient."

- Marvin Tow

"When a friend referred me to Dr. Karp 20 years ago, I was highly skeptical about the things she said he could do. I was open to alternative treatments, but some of what I heard (remote balancing for example) sounded more like voodoo medicine. However, after several years under his care I became a believer in his technique and methods. After all, I couldn’t argue with consistently positive results, even when much of the time what he did was beyond my understanding.

Since then, as I have witnessed first-hand his amazing skills over and over, I have come to believe that he is an angel sent here for a reason. Unlike much of conventional medicine which is about treating symptoms, Dr. Karp focuses on identifying and treating the deepest root causes of an illness. This is where medicine should be headed, and I consider myself blessed to have found him and to still be the recipient of his wondrous gifts."

- Mason Ames

"My husband, my mother, my friend, and myself are all patients of Dr. Karp. He is an amazing doctor and person. He has an extremely professional and friendly environment. His treatment and guidance have helped us in many ways. My husband had a mass growing on the back of his, it went from one mass to a double mass. We went to several doctors and they told us that it was a benign tumor, another said it was simply a growth of adipose tissues. The recommendation was surgery and biopsy. We were recommended to Dr. Karp and within a few weeks the mass on my husbands neck was already almost gone and so was the pain. I’d recommend him even if it’s something new to you!!! I promise you won’t regret it. He takes his time to explain everything to you thoroughly and always great with responding to emails and questions."

- First Lady "La Reyna" Bloom

"For one year off and on, I was sick and did not have enough energy to get through the day. I saw three different doctors and each treated me with conventional medicine which had no lasting effect. A friend referred me to Dr. Karp. Within four weeks, I had my life back. I remain healthy, and have not even had a simple cold. If you think you have tried everything else, and still don't feel well, I highly recommend you call his office. Thank you, Dr. Karp!"

- Jean Willson

"Dr. Karp is an amazingly knowledgeable and kind doctor , I feel so comfortable with him, he helps his patients find out the root cause for their problems and brings them back to great health with his holistic approach. Peri and Gail are also great and always so jovial."

- Jivani Singh

"Dr. Karp’s Wellness Center is amazing! I am so grateful that a new friend (at the time) suggested I consult Dr. Karp. He’s been life altering for me on my journey to wellness. For your best you, don’t wait. Open your mind and get ready for true healing."

- Bobbie Higer

"Where do I even begin.... I recently found out I had SIBO which I've been suffering from for a couple of years and several visits to different doctors haven’t been able to figure out the cause of my stomach issues. I'm usually more of a natural holistic person when it comes to treatments and I try to stay away from harsh antibiotics and other medications. After finally giving in I took a course of Rifaximin which kills the bacteria in the small intestine. After i started feeling a little better but my symptoms were still there. So I started my research and I heard about Dr Karp from a couple of people who never went to him. I kept reading about him and decided to try. After just the first visit my overall health improved and I started to feel a lot better. Im still going and have to say that he is absolutely amazing at what he does and how he does it. And while holistic is not a quick fix and not for everyone I still believe everyone should try it."

- Maria Aydemirova

"I am Dr. Karp's patient for 18 years. Time and again, he helped me, both in person and remotely, with health challenges. One Christmas day, I had a really bad headache. I texted Dr. Karp, and he remotely balanced me. Soon, the headache eased, and I could return to my family's celebration. Thank you Dr. Karp, again and again!"

- Susan Horwitz

"I recently had surgery. Surgery went well but I was having a problem with the lingering of anesthesia. My mind and body were very sluggish and felt horrible. Made a visit to Dr Karp for a acupuncture treatment. I woke up the next morning with a clear head and good energy. Amazing.
Thank you Dr Karp."

- Lori Powers

"I have suffered with stomach problems my entire life , endless scans, bloodwork , acupuncture and as the years passed my immune system is shot and on overload.
I was referred to Dr Drew Karp by a close friend who after two visits has gotten me out of pain - there are NO words to express my gratitude for this man and his gifts!"

- Melissa Green

"Dr Karp is very patient and thorough with his time and assessments. His office is fantastic including his staff. If you are in a situation that you feel is not being resolved, reach out to dr Karp. You will feel better on your journey to healing with him guideing you along the path."

- Melanie Kushner

"I have known Dr. Karp for fifteen years. His level of care and patience are unparalleled. His ability to go beyond the symptoms and eradicate the root of the problem has bettered the life of my family as well as thousands of others."

- Bernard Salzman

"Dr Karp,
How many ways can I thank you. You got to the root of my problem and I feel better than ever. I thought i was going to be on thyroid medication my whole life, but you gently let me know it was not working for me . I followed your supplements to a T and my hair started growing back! And even my eyelashes are longer. I love your natural approach. Thanks for being you and healing me.
Your #1 fan😘"

- Lora Harchevich

"After 3 months of worsening nerve sensations in my feet, calves and hands and not wanting to go through multiple tests a neurologist suggested, I saw Dr. Karp. Through a combination of his applied kinesiology skills & the ZYTO scan, he recommended that I avoid certain foods and take specific supplements to clear what was causing the nerve discomfort. With in 3 weeks, I was feeling 90% better."

- Andi Marcus

"WOW, is the only word I can use to describe my first visit. I had been experiencing low back pain for 5mths. I had an MRI and it showed L4L5 were the culprit. A dear friend of mine suggested I see Dr Karp before considering surgery. I had never considered accupunture but now I’m telling everyone. Just after 3 visits I feel energized & revived. I’m so grateful to Dr Karp. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars for sure."

- Nancy Addotta

"I've been going to Dr. Karp for over 11 years for routine wellness or balancing and for sport related injuries. I feel healthy and pain free, his staff is excellent so what more could you ask for?"

- Lou St. George

"Dr. Karp’s skills as a healer make him second to none. He goes above and beyond and follows through to make sure that you are doing well."

- Gus Barni

"Do you suffer from Migraines? HOT Flashes?
I DON'T Anymore! GONE after my 1st visit. Still working on the underlying problem: Mercury Toxicity - which causes my insomnia, frozen shoulder, mood swings, stomach and bladder issues... NO "regular" doctor would have discovered this! Now I know for sure I'm on my way to TOTAL Wellness. THANKS Dr. Karp"

- Connie Pinero

"Dr .Karp is a miracle worker!! I went to him after suffering about 5/6 years of numbness in my left leg. After 2 sessions it disappeared and never came back ! I’m a huge believer in his practice and everything he does. I wouldn’t trust anyone else."

- Shaina Leigh

"I find Dr Karp's help amazing and most helpful to me.. I started his weight loss program on July 2th 2020 and have never ever felt better or more vibrant..He isolated , addressed and fine tuned so many areas of my genetic roots that all the weight I have been trying to loose on every weight loss, vegan fasts, cleanses etc just came off me and I feel regenerated and renewed/...I am continuing with his program every 30 days as I want to keep refining beyond my original goal... in addition he helped me isolate the root of an issue that affected my cranial nerve that noone could in the deepest way so I can finally let go of that discomfort..

I believe he is an amazing doctor and his benevolent well wishing ways make working with him warm and welcoming too... I highly recommend Dr Karp especially if one is ready to be patient and consistent to experience the results... THANK YOU, DR, KARP for your amazing gifts...with LOVE and MUCH GRATITUDE, Sofia"

- Princess Leia

"Dr. Karp helped me overcome a major colitis flareup, I am grateful and relieved to have found a healer who has and continues to truly help me. Thank you Dr. Karp!"

- Levana Goldenberg

"I strongly recommend Dr. Karp. He has been helping my daughter for 2 years and dhe has improved a lot."

- Hugo Chilo

"Just want to let you know I do NOT have any abdominal pain.
Just want to let you know that I am very thankful to have you as my doctor!!
Just want to let you know your amazing!"

- Carol Loomis

"Dr Karp has helped me tremendously. He is very gifted and I am very grateful."

- Goldie Tennenhaus

"Dr. Karp and his staff are wonderful!! I am amazed every visit and my healing is evident!"

- Tammy Hollowell

"I know DR.Karp for 10 years, he always gets to the bottom of any health issue the arise."

- Blanca Salazar

"Literally changed the lives of my mom, wife and aunt for the better...wish we all found him years ago"

- Rocky Kaller

"Absolutely grateful to have found this amazing Doctor."

- Maria Gaviria


- Nicole Sexton

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