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The BOĆE™ Coaster
Developed by Dr. Drew Karp D.C, F.I.A.M.A

Compressing 35 years of experience, testing, and refining into a revolutionary, universal, body-friendly and taste-enhancing, beverage technology.


What is it?
The BOĆE™ coaster is a revolutionary, taste-enhancing technology that balances, optimizes, creates coherence, and enlivens all beverages. By doing so, it enhances the taste, flavor profile, texture, and aroma resulting in a noticeably smoother, more refined, flavorful, and delicious beverage. For the first time, BOĆE™ technology brings quantum physics to the beverage industry.

How does it work?
Quantum physics tells us frequencies and wavelengths can travel through solid objects, like a glass, cup, or can. As your beverage sits on the BOĆE™ coaster, proprietary, nature-inspired, taste-enhancing frequencies are emitted from the BOĆE™ coaster and infused into the beverage by a quantum, energy transfer technology.

What will you notice?
Beverages will taste noticeably smoother, more refined, flavorful, less acidic, and delicious. People are genuinely surprised at how much smoother and more enjoyable their drinks are. That is because their beverage is now balanced, optimized, coherent, and enlivened. Bottled water tastes lighter, cleaner, crisper. Wine and spirits taste noticeably smoother, notes are brought forth and a ‘symphony’ of flavors is created. Sports and energy drinks taste noticeably better with less aftertaste. Coffee is less acidic and smoother while notes are brought forth. In addition, many people have commented they have way fewer symptoms in the morning after drinking alcohol using the BOĆE™ coaster.

How to use it:
Let your drink sit on the BOĆE™ coaster for 3 minutes to become fully enhanced. Leave your beverage on the coaster as it gets better and better – a symphony of flavors. If enhancing a bottle, leave it on the BOĆE™ coaster for 10 minutes before drinking. It makes a $10 bottle of wine taste like a $75 masterpiece.

Other uses for the BOĆE™ coaster.
You can use it to balance, optimize, create coherence, and enliven all beverages. To water your plants. You’ll see great growth. Place the BOĆE™ coaster under your pet’s water. Why would you drink beverages with random energy anymore?

The BOĆE™ Coaster

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