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The Emotional Balance Card
A Safe, Effective, Frequency Device for Daily Emotional Balance
Developed by Dr. Drew Karp D.C., F.I.A.M.A

What is it?
The Emotional Balance Card is a one-of-a-kind, lightweight, convenient, subtle energy device that energetically balances the whole-body regarding emotions.


How does it work?
The specific color frequencies of The Emotional Balance Card interacts with the body at its deepest, sub-cellular, energetic levels to have a balancing, calming and coherent effect on your emotions. Emotions not only live in the brain, but they also exist in the organs, glands and systems of the body. The frequencies of the specific color interact and balance the whole body. It is a “smart card.” Meaning, whatever negative emotions you are experiencing, the card works to have an energetic balancing effect. For example, you may be experiencing anxiety, fear, frustration, depression, and worry. The card energetically works to balance those emotions (which are frequencies in the body) and the organs, glands and systems being affected.
It is subtle, yet highly effective.
The only side effect is a calmer, more balanced and coherent you.

Why did I develop The Emotional Balance Card?
In my practice, I saw that there was very often an emotional component to a patient’s symptoms. Simply put, they needed emotional balancing support daily. I had developed other daily wellness cards that helped so I went to work to find the “exact shade of color” that has a energetic balancing effect on all the emotions. This way people can have a totally natural, non-invasive, no negative side effect, non-drug, nothing to ingest, effective tool to help them experience emotional balance daily.


How to use The Emotional Balance Card:
Place the card on your skin for 15 minutes in the morning. The specific green blue color side facing the skin. Women can place in the bra and men in the elastic of pants. Place it right on the skin. If you need additional emotional balancing support, you can keep it on for 12 hours. Best hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Another option is to tape the card on anywhere that is comfortable for you. You can use it on your pets as it is totally body friendly and non-toxic. Use for 15 minutes a day on pets.


Emotional Balance Card (Set of 3)

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