Two most frequently asked questions that I hear in my holistic, functional medicine practice of 35 years are “Can you help my skin look and feel younger?” and “What do you have to help my sagging, aging, and devitalized facial skin?”

The health and appearance of the facial skin is a reflection of many things:

Daily nutrition, accumulated stress, genetics, internal organ/gland imbalances, animal-based diet, internal toxins, sleep habits, dehydration, processed foods, dehydrating beverages like alcohol, coffee, soda, and so forth.

They all show on the facial skin.


In addition, the body uses whatever quality nutrition that you eat to nourish the vital organs, first.

The heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, hormonal system, and adrenal glands get first dibs on the nutrients that you consume.

The facial skin gets the “crumbs.”

So, while the facial skin is a priority to you, it is least important to your body.

Combining the above negative influences of facial skin health and youthfulness, with the body viewing the facial skin as a low priority; you can understand why your skin is not looking its best.

Facial skin aging is therefore a given.

The costly cosmetic procedures that you may do work on facial skin that is energetically dead, devitalized, and malnourished.


I developed The Ultimate Skin Enhancement Program to help you have the most clear, healthy, vibrant, radiant, and youthful skin possible. The one-of-a-kind products come from my 35 years of research and practice in plant-based nutrition, quantum physics, and patient care.

Uniquely and importantly, I used the diagram below to research and choose each ingredient in the Ultimate Skin Superfood supplement and Younger Looking Skin Face Oil. For me to use it, each ingredient had to resonate with and positively affect every aspect of the skin. This creates a unique, compounding effect.



Please see diagram above.

There are 5 daily steps to The Ultimate Facial Skin Enhancement Program:

1) The Ultimate Skin Superfood Supplement—20 of the very best, skin-targeting, synergistic, and plant-based ingredients that deeply nourish the skin from the inside out. You get 3 bottles of the supplement.

Please see the attached list of ingredients and their benefits.

2) The Younger Looking Skin Face Oil—10 of the very best, synergistic, plant- based, organic oils that work together to deeply nourish, smooth, and revitalize your facial skin and neck. You get one bottle of face oil.

Please click on the attachment that shows the ingredients and their benefits.

3) The Detoxification Card—a one-of-kind color therapy device that charges your drinking water to help detoxify and hydrate the body.

4) The Skin Card—a one-of-a-kind color therapy device that energizes and rejuvenates the facial skin from the subcellular level to the surface.

5) A list of beneficial foods that have youthful and antiaging effects on the facial skin. And a list of foods to avoid.


This is a 3-month program. You will want to continue the program, month after month, when you see and feel the wonderful results. This is a novel approach to help you not only maintain your good looks, but look better, as time goes on. You’ll want to continue the program after the initial 3 months.

Three month program is just $150.

Ingredients of Skin Superfood Supplement

Ingredients of Organic Face Oil

Dr. Karp’s Ultimate Skin Enhancement