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The Digestion Card

Developed by Drew E. Karp, DC, FIAMA


What is it?
The Digestion Card is a lightweight, convenient, body-friendly, color/frequency
device that energetically balances the whole-body regarding digestion and

Why do we need The Digestion Card?

During my 37 years of private practice, I have consistently noticed that people
have varying degrees of digestive difficulties. Symptoms of digestive issues can be
bloating, constipation, IBS, overweight, fatigue, brain fog, blood sugar imbalances,
GERD, acid reflux, food sensitivities, and high cholesterol to name a few. The whole
body can be affected by faulty or challenged digestion. Many of today’s health
challenges often have a digestive component.

How does The Digestion Card work?

The Digestion Card is a specific shade of yellow that has a certain frequency and
wavelength that interacts with and balances the body regarding digestion and
elimination. It works through and balances the acupuncture system in real-time.
Not everyone needs digestive enzymes and/or probiotics. Digestion is a whole-
body process. For example, digestion may include the stomach, small intestine,
gallbladder, spleen, liver, pancreas, and large intestine. Most people can benefit
from being energetically balanced regarding the digestion and elimination
process. Digestion is an energy-consuming, whole-body activity and affects the
whole body.

How to use The Digestion Card:

Upon waking and after 7:00 a.m., place the yellow or frequency side of the card
facing the skin for 15 minutes. You can walk around with the card on. Place it in
the elastic of the underwear or inside the bra. It acts as a ‘smart card’ meaning, it
energetically balances what is needed in real-time. One morning it may work on
the stomach, liver, thyroid, and bladder meridians. If you had a heavy meal the
night before, it may work on other or additional areas. Everyone is different

and the body is always changing and responding to what you are eating and
drinking. It comes in a set of three. Break off one card and use it.
Many people lose their cards so happily there are three.

Additional thoughts:

Using The Digestion Card for 15 minutes first thing in the morning is starting your
day having a subtle, whole-body, energy-balancing session. Without having to do
anything or go anywhere. The body prefers to be in balance.


If you overeat at dinner or feel uncomfortable, you can place The Digestion Card
on the skin for 5-10 minutes. Many people have commented that it has helped
them feel better after overeating. The balancing digestion frequencies act in real-time to balance the areas that need support.


Over the years I have heard many good stories of how this card has helped. The exact, correct, color frequencies are subtle yet very effective. They reach, interact, and balance the body on the
deepest, sub-cellular, or quantum level. Without ingesting anything.


At our core, we are energy beings and the technology works from this layer out.

Digestion Card (Set of 3)

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