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A True Wellness Lifestyle

Good Sunday,

I find there are two schools of thought when it comes to health. One, no real clue about the body and what it takes to be truly well and have a body that is functioning at its best. These people are usually in one or medications for many years and possibly for life.

The other, people like yourself who understands that health is a precious commodity. That it takes daily focus and work to move the body in the direction of wellness and away from dis-ease. That the medical model of take this OTC or prescription drug for this symptom is not working, and never will. Why? Because it is simply treating or quieting symptoms and not enhancing organ, gland and system function.

As I have mentioned in past emails. Symptoms are simply your body’s way of telling you something is amiss internally. You can “listen” to that message and take the appropriate action steps to address it, or, you can cover it up so the symptom is quieted yet the cause still persists.

There is a deeper layer to this story. It is called our “Blind Spot.” We all have a blind spot when it comes to our health. Unless you are a doctor with years of experience under your belt, you are unaware of how your body is functioning. Of the state of health or dis-ease it is truly in. And, we guess about how we are doing health wise and make decisions based on what we read on line.

That happens for weeks, months and years.

I can think of five people who took this approach and they are now struggling with serious health issues. Because they were not aware of their blind spot when it came to their health. They had yearly physicals with no indication their health was being challenged.

My suggestion is, get under the care of a functional medicine and functional wellness doctor. It doesn’t have to be me. There are many qualified holistic doctors. Take a look at your possible blind spots when it comes to your health. And work on those deep-seated toxicities and functional imbalances to move your body in the direction of wellness and away from dis-ease.

It is a lifestyle. I have patients who get tested and evaluated quarterly and continue to uncover unseen functional imbalances. They just get better and better as time goes on. We dig into their blind spots and clear those. There could be deep-seated, hereditary based, thyroid, pancreas, hormonal, spleen, prostate, circulation imbalances that go unseen during traditional testing. The intelligent body heals in layers. Following the body’s lead and going layer by layer to get it truly well.

It is a wellness lifestyle. Symptoms quietly abate as a natural by-product.

Take a pro-active, personalized and effective approach to your most important asset, your health.

Have a great week,

Dr. Karp

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