The Global Energy Card
Developed by Dr. Drew Karp, DC, FIAMA

The Global Energy Card is a non-toxic, body friendly, color encoded and effective device to assist people in the much needed an area of counteracting the negative effects of low level radiation from smart phones and computers.


Most of us use a smart phone many times throughout the day without knowing whether there are detrimental effects from the low level radiation it puts out. I have been studying the energetic negative effects since 2002. My intention was to develop a convenient and effective device to help people stay energetically balanced while using a smart phone and computer.In this balanced and strengthened state that body can then ward off or energetically block the incoming low level radiation.

Radiation is simply not good for the human body.


In 2002 while sitting at my home desktop computer and talking on my cell phone, I had a lightbulb moment. Am I being negatively affected by talking on the cell phone and typing on my computer? It was at that exact moment that I began my research in the best way to protect myself and my patients (and the global population) from this subtle, potentially toxic and health depleting low level radiation.


After much thought and testing it came to me - color therapy. Was there a specific color that would balance my body so it can ward off or block out the incoming radiation from the cell phone and computer? For months I tested what exact color will balance me. I would put two and even three cell phones on my body and test for the exact correct color that would balance me.


I even went to a huge power plant and stood as close as I could to test for the exact color that would keep me balanced in the face of these powerful and potentially toxic energies.

In addition, I would go to a noted organic market in Hollywood, Florida and buy just picked organic vegetables and fruits and test to see “what exact color does the energy of the organic fruits and vegetables match up to?” I did this many times and the same color kept coming up.


It just happened to be the same color that would balance me in the face of multiple cell phones and a huge power plant. I found my answer.

That answer comes to you in the form of a small, lightweight, convenient, color encoded plastic card that you place right on your phone. You can slide it inside the cover too. The color encoded side faces out or toward you.


Now, when you use your smart phone, The Global Energy Card is working to balance you so the potentially toxic and chaotic energy from the phone does not energetically weaken and disrupt your energetic body. We are energy beings living in a magnificent physical body, let’s keep it healthy. To order The Global Energy Card call 954-771-5600.

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EMF Card (Set of 3)