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The Hydration Card
Energize Your Drinking Water
For Hydration, Detoxification and Balance
By Drew Karp D.C., F.I.A.M.A

What is it?

The Hydration Card is a lightweight, convenient subtle, vibrational energy device that is embedded with the exact color that resonates with the energy of Nature’s falling rainwater. When you energize your drinking water with The Hydration Card, the once energy deficient water is now fully energized to hydrate your body, detoxify deep seated, unseen and long-standing toxins and energetically balance your energy system.

How it works:

On many occasions, I stood outside in the pouring rain and allowed Nature’s falling rainwater to hit my face and mouth. I would stand out there for 15-30 minutes at a time to get the full impact. As every color has its own vibrational energy, I would then energetically test to see what specific color resonated perfectly with the energy of Nature’s falling rainwater. When you place The Hydration Card on your glass/bottle of drinking water, the energetic signature of the color is “read” by the water and embedded within the water. Your previously energy deficient water is now energized with similar energy as Nature’s falling rainwater – the same Source water that nourishes the planet.

Why did I develop The Hydration Card?

For many years I have been very aware that most bottled waters are energy deficient. Due to processing, shipping and shelf life (weeks or months) the water has lost any vital energy it once had. What should be energizing and strengthening, actually has a weakening effect on the body.When I muscle test, people drinking most bottled waters, they test weak – meaning the water is not having a positive effect. When I muscle test, people drinking water energized with The Hydration Card, they test amazingly strong! Meaning, the energized water has a positive or “strengthening” effect upon the body.

How to use The Hydration Card:

Place your glass or bottle of water on top of The Hydration Card. The color encoded side toward the water. Use 3 ounces of water in the morning. Charge for 3 minutes and then drink.

Other uses for The Hydration Card:

You can use it in the following ways - on your shower head, to water your plants (plants love this energized water), to energize your wine (you may very well notice an improvement in taste and texture), any other beverage, when you put gas in your car to energize the gasoline and anything else you can think of that is liquid. Energize it with the same energetic signature as Nature’s falling rainwater.

Dr. Drew Karp
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